New Scottish hate crime law

Did the tranny on that old truck need rebuilding?

I’m told they can deteriorate rapidly as the age.

But it can get you kicked off a forum, unfortunately.

Craig can be a bit of a loose cannon sometimes, but this article really does highlight the idiocy of this new law.


You win this year’s understatement of the year award :wink:

I speak from his pre-blog days; he’s only got worse!

I don’t have a problem with that as forums are privately owned spaces and the owner can set and enforce whatever posting rules they wish to.

It’s the police being able to question you for something said in a private conversation in your own home that troubles me.

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Are they though? Seriously? There’s a big gap between an opponents beyond worst case theory and common sense and reality.
Procurators Fiscal are not stupid people.

When was the last time that any part of the U.K. government or legal apparatus showed any sign of common sense?

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If easily offended and north of the border do not watch this… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m travelling at the moment so not had too much time to look at the news, but this all seems a bit bonkers to me. Anyone care to explain what its all about in simple English?
Next thing, Ford will have to re badge their bext selling vans

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This BBC article isn’t bad, if you ignore the poor writing

I find TERF a rather pejorative term. Why is someone who wants to protect the place of biological fremales in society called a Trans Exclusionary Radical Femenist.? Most people who are called TERF’s- normally as a term of hate - are neither Exclusionary not Radical.

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Sorry! It’s a badge of honour worn by at least one woman here: I had no intention of offending anyone.

I’m always happy to learn. What term would you suggest I use for “someone who wants to protect the place of biological fremales in society”?

Sensible, balanced, rational… one has a myriade of choices Porridge. Having done my bit in a male bungling sort of way to promote feminism, eradicate homophobia and generally try to get everyone to get on together I am extremely offended by this radical, agressive trans lobby.

Sorry, if you were born with a willie you are man. No couture, no surgery, nor drugs will make you a woman. If women want you in their spaces, fine, if they don’t, sod off. What’s the point of having strived for women’s rights to have them eroded though a back door?


I don’t know . But often the word TERF is used as an insult - particularly against anyone who wants to protect female only spaces.

On this topic, I think you and I and @John_Scully (and others) are in agreement.

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Yes, a four letter acronym to describe a one’s whole life experience based philosophy on this doesn’t really work, does it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Either vexatious complaints or an overdue law? They are not mutually exclusive.

What a bloody waste of resources.