Nothing in Particular

This seems the most appropriate place to post this vid (note - you may want to turn the audio down quite a lot, because the music is loud and not especially enjoyable if you’re over 25).


I can’t see the link…
(Edit to add) It’s popped up now. Completely bonkers…

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Weird - was sure I could see it when I moved on.

Clever guy. Very interesting project

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Definitely not worthy of a thread of its own, but I found this story about Elton John being unrecognised whilst buying trainers in Nice to be hilarious… I didn’t expect him to do that!

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Bizarre, I can’t scroll down to finish the story :rofl:

When you want to move 1 small IKEA butcher block thing to where the wood is in winter and you end up doing a huge clean and furniture and fridge move :roll_eyes:


Oh :slightly_frowning_face: He took a pee in a plastic bottle inside the shoe shop, shielded by his bodyguard.

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Came to the thread at this end, so had to scroll up to find out who this strand was about.

Probably first needed to have the bottle coated in Swarovski crystals before he could relieve himself…

$130 million already spent on this wedding. This in India too where many people struggle to find enough to eat and have no toilet. Makes me feel sad and rather disgusted. It would do so if the money was spent in Europe or anywhere too but in this country with such a chasm between the haves and have nots I find it particularly distasteful. I see Johnson’s there - no surprise, but disappointed to see the Blairs.


Disgusting show of power and arrogance, but that’s how it is in India ( and shame on those so called celebrities who are going).

I once went scuba diving off the coast of Karnataka, stayed in an absolute shit hole and right on the beach some megalomaniac had built a massive (50 + m high) gold covered statue of one of the Indian gods (i forget which one) that attracted people from all over, and was charging the pilgrims 10 rupees to stand next to it.

Last evening of our honeymoon in Delhi in '81 we splashed out on a meal in a western hotel. We had been staying in basic accommodation in India and Nepal sticking to vegetable based meals to stay well. A young Indian woman with two small children were sitting on the pavement outside the restaurant. They weren’t begging. We gave her some coins and she immediately gathered up the children and left. They all looked very hungry. What surprised us however was how quickly our attitudes hardened to beggars. They were omnipresent and of course we realised that many children were controlled by unsavoury characters who forced them to beg. I didn’t enjoy India that much but loved Nepal. I watched an old Simon Reeves programme about the Ganges the other day. This most revered of rivers stuffed full of human excrement and all manner of industrial pollutants including those from a city where chemicals from the dyeing factories were entering the water. I think there has been some small progress but nowhere near enough to make the river fit for bathing, let alone drinking. It’s a country which puzzles me. Sometimes paradise and sometimes a terrible mess - I refrained from using an expletive.

I’m afraid to say that it is not something unique to India. Incredible social inequality exists in countries throughout southeast Asia. Money is power, often the only power and flaunting it goes a long way towards ensuring everyone knows. Would-be power seekers hope some of the glow will rub off onto them, ensuring a continuous supply of worshippers.

Social disparity and the prevalence of corruption is ubiquitous in some cultures that is not always obvious to a casual tourist. I always wonder at people who boast about their travel to stay in 6* luxury resorts and air-conditioned sightseeing of architectural wonders without having seen how the residents actually live beyond the tourist markets. Moral myopia.


So glad Im not alone … ! :upside_down_face:

Can’t stand ‘woke’, but for a couple of decades have found ‘meme’ a very useful term. The easiest way to understand the latter is to think of a gene as a relay of a small amount of genetic info between generations and a meme being a relay of a small amount of a specific cultural trend or preference.

Thus the current right wing ‘cultural weaponisation’ of the term ‘woke’ is an example of memetic relay that unfortunately has spread from US politics to the UK.

You’re not the only ones, me too and I’m a lot younger « in my 50´s »

I just ignore anything that falls into woke terms. English is my native tongue, the english language I learned is what I use, good enough for Her Maj & co and people like Sam Sm**h demanding we use their or them is ridiculous and I will not pander to anything like that. Not sure what meme means apart from in french!

That’s an interesting choice of words you’ve used.

Is it demanding or are they asking? Does it affect you in any way if you refer to someone using their preferred choice of pronouns? What is it about respecting someone’s wishes that makes it pandering versus being respectful?


Where I used to work, about every 6 months we would receive a new list of pronouns passed by whom ever to use. :roll_eyes::rainbow: