Obtaining french citizenship

That is something I wondered about too. But then I thought is that to keep track of expected inheritances once the person applying becomes subject to Fr tax?

I’m thrilled that I actually managed to trace my mother’s roots
 all due to French Officialdom demanding my parents birth certs and marriage certs
 for the citizenship application which I later abandoned some years ago 
 (bad decision as it turned out

But through the UK BMD’s offices
 I finally discovered who her father was
 and another piece of the jigsaw popped neatly into place. :+1:

Yes any Cassiùre Judiciaire paperwork which they check out throughly in both countries so if the applicant has a criminal record in his previous country they will know and the same in France. My son has had two children since his application and they have had to be included with official passports and birth certificates etc now plus my marriage certificate and details of his grandparents etc. I think each case is different in regards to paperwork demanded apart from the standard depending on the applicant’s age(s) and what they do for a living here etc.

There is the possibility, in the on-line application form at least, of explaining why some information is unobtainable. I was talking to someone the other day about the fact that she hasn’t a clue as to ex-husband’s address so she just explained that. They wanted parents’ current addresses too - I did think of listing the various cemeteries but decided that was a very bad idea :rofl:

but Jane, I don’t have any certification, so I have no idea where to start; it seems that there is more than just one route - and of course I want the quickest / cheapest route.

This is the link to the information.

NationalitĂ© française : comment justifier de son niveau en français ? | Service-Public.fr.

In reality for you probably two routes, the DELF diploma which lasts for life, or the TCF certificate which lasts 2 years. At the moment you need le le B1, but it will increase to B2 in near future. So in many ways the TCF might be better as it tests all levels and your results will reflect your level. Whereas DELF you have to select a level in advance. Use the buttons on the link to see what’s available in your area.

It might also be worth doing something like this to see what your current level is to work out if you need any preparation

In case this is of use to anyone, ordering birth/marriage etc certificates from the GRO in the UK, the usual route, is more than a little problematic. When you order, they nominally wait 5 days before sending you the paperwork. However, their declared dispatch date when they do actually issue the things is very misleading.

Because of previous problems with not receiving things for nigh on a month, I ordered a batch twice at the same time - once to go to a friend in the UK and once to come directly to me in France. The orders were marked as having been dispatched on 3rd February. My friend received her lot 2 weeks after that, reposted them to me and they arrived today. The direct ones haven’t arrived. This says to me that the problem isn’t the post between the UK and France, it’s something around the dispatch process as even with the Royal Mail problems there have been, it doesn’t normally take 2 weeks for a first class letter to arrive.
I would like to suggest the route I will try next time, which is more complicated but shouldn’t be subject to the same delays - order the certificates directly from the regional registry office who issued the original. If anyone does this before I do, I’d love to hear the results!

thanks for this Jane. It is becoming clearer now. I went to the office of ‘Osengo’ (it seems that the Government has outsourced this process) to register and pay my 150€.
I was then given a date for my test of ‘connaisance du français’ (TCF) and I think that it is not so much that I choose whether I want B1 or B2 etc, but rather they will issue me with the competence level they feel appropriate following the test.
The test is in april and I will keep you posted.

That is the advantage of the TCF test, it tests all levels so you get what your scores reach. The DELF only tests at one level and if you don’t make that you get nothing!