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(Diana Paillot) #41

It's a shame - America in general is not a hotspot for cycling either...though there are some places where there are loads of cyclists. Even so, it is the underdog sport. I was a a high school French teacher for years and would always give my new students a cultural quiz on the first day of class. In any given group, only about 10% of them knew what the Tour de France was!! Crazy, huh?

Well, sooner or later is HAS to get warm, right?! Hope you get a chance to ride soon! :)

(Andrew Hearne) #42

zero respect in the UK, we had a good club but took in the whole of south devon just to russle up enough riders, there would be getting on for 20 or 30 clubs here in France for the same population!

hoping for that warmer weather - they're forecasting -4 this afternoon, I was hoping to get out as i have the time for once but I don't think it's going to happen, same forecast for saturday too... :-(

(Diana Paillot) #43

Don't be too jealous! The temp here is plummeting down again in a couple of days... Well, I hope you get some warmer weather and get to go out for a ride soon! I guess the kids have a little while to go...but at least it's a possibility in France thanks to the popularity of cycling here! I don't know about the UK, but cycling doesn't get nearly enough respect in the US....

(Andrew Hearne) #44

very jealous of you getting out today, it didn't get above freezing here today! Yes that's a bit of a daft thing but most of the cyclosport events are full on races here with just the cyclotourisme ones left for a more laid back approach although even those turn in to private races too! One of my mates runs the juniors section at one of école de vélo but my kids are only 4.5 and 2.5 (started late!) years old so I'll have to wait a while for that. yep, legs at the end of the day... that's my problem when others are getting in 3 or 4 good training rides a week and I only manage 2! kids' bath time - must go, à +

(Diana Paillot) #45

Thank you for the welcome, Miles! I've never tried an Independent, but I've known some people who rode them and loved them... Andrew, as far as I know, you can do a cyclosportive at whatever pace you feel like - unless of course you're shooting for one of the awards for your age category? In any case, all riding is good riding!! I hear you about training while working - I did that for many years, though I didn't have children too.. Any chance you'll be getting them on bikes too? I think those Ecoles de Cyclisme accept small children ;) I'm a climber and always have been, so it is paradise for me on the Col where I live (finally took the bike out today since it was a balmy 6 deg and rode down my mtn and climbed back up 900+m :) Some of the best riders were built like sprinters, so that is a good thing for you! And besides, no matter what the strength, it's what you have left in your legs at the end that counts :)

(Miles Barrington) #46

MMMM Seven Cycles... Tasty. I went round the factory a few years ago, then the Independant Fabrications workshop too. Huge contrast but all lovely bikes! Welcome!

(Andrew Hearne) #47

Very true about alu -v- carbon, I settled for an excellent aluminium frame rather than a cheap carbon one and don't regret it! We're off to Rosas, only just across the border and really hoping the weather warms up by then (2 weeks time!) You can't beat a good club but I don't think I could cope with triathletes even though I've though about having a go as I used to swim a lot but my r knee isn't good and I hate running! I do the local rides here, more the cyclotourisme than the cyclosport, each club's rando du printemps, then a few others just for fun, but everyone's trying to get me to do the faster flatter cyclosport events...! thought about doing the étape du tour but just can't find the time to train enough (we both work and have 2 small kids) so may do the ariègoise as others in the club are planning to do that one. there's the Marmotte here in the aveyron too but I'm a solid 85kg+ (I do get down to 82 or 83 in the summer) and with a swimmer's upper body I'm not the best climber in the world (sprints are my thing but I have to get to them and in this area that usually involves awhole load of climbs first!) I'll t

(Diana Paillot) #48

Hi Andrew! There's nothing wrong with old school aluminum, and it's much better to be fast on a heavy bike than slow on a light one! :) I ride a Seven and it's Ti and Carbon, but for a long time in the 90's I raced on aluminum, and it served me very well! Where in Spain are you going? That sounds like fun!! I do technically belong to a club already - my husband is a triathlete, so by default I am now in his club. Everyone is very nice there, though it's VERY triathlon-oriented, and I miss good old-fashioned road style riding with other roadies! Do you do any cyclosportives? If so, have you got any recommendations? I did the Marmotte in Bourg d'Oisans a few years ago, and will probably do a few others this season. Bonne route, et bon courage pour ton stage en Espagne!! Hope you keep warm on then roads until then :)

(Andrew Hearne) #49

Hi Diana, you've got some great country to cycle in there, I'm jealous! I'm along way from you unfortunately, in the aveyron, loads of good climbs here too but was a bit cold training last saturday in -4° I road race, well I train with the club but don't get enough time and kms to race but we're off to spain for a week's training at the end of the month. There must be some good clubs near you, most towns and some villages have one. Bonne route et à bientôt, Andrew (the only member of my club who's still riding an aluminium/carbon mix Canyon, whilst everyone else is 100% carbon at small car prices! but I still win most sprints on it!!)

(Diana Paillot) #50

Hello all! I'm new to SF, and moved to the arrière pays niçois 3 months ago to be with my French husband... I'm a big cycling enthusiast (raced road and mtb for 15 yrs in the States) and I would love to find some anglophone cyclists to ride with if any of you live near Nice? Of course, my bike is gathering dust in the shed right now since we got 21 inches of snow here (we are at 930m), but I'm just thinking ahead to the warm weather! :)

(jan laboyrie) #51

though I'm not a big fan of mergers in general, I will make an exception for this one. assuming that being a member of your new sports and leisure group won't be as dangerous as taking part in your sledge team.

(Andrew Hearne) #52

You're the boss Mrs H, we'll fall inline behind you! no problem merging it for me ;-)

(Catharine Higginson) #53

Do you want this group kept open or can we merge it into my new sports and leisure group? Please?

(Andrew Hearne) #54

oh so tempting John but I upgraded to a Canyon only 18 months ago, having said that I'm the only one in the club still riding an aluminium frame and I have a soft spot for Bianchi ...!

(John Wild) #55

2011 model Destockage time - yippee. I like this time of year as I get to buy in all the end of line exotica. If anyone is looking for a new machine for the new season let me know and I will have a look through the manufacturers lists. (Some Bianchi and Exs models have got a 50% reduction)

(Ian SMITH) #56

Here is a picture looking across to Aix-les-Bains, and below you can see the road to the Col du Chat.

(Ian SMITH) #57

Nice pics from the Lac du Bourget. I live not far from there. One of the photos looks like it’s from the road up to the Col du Chat, a pretty road and a reasonable climb.

(Andrew Hearne) #58

Nice machine - and anyway a descent steel bike is better then a cheap/bad aluminium/carbon bike! I’m still riding aluminium with a carbon fork (1000 euro entry level Canyon with shimano 105 direct from the factory - best value descent modern bike by miles!) while some members of my club are on 5000+ euro carbon bikes but I still out sprint them! although i admit at being jealous and will move on to carbon in time :wink:

(Jacqueline Brown) #59

lol Andrew - none taken, we are all about vintage here, you should see my bike!http://web.me.com/tournesol_bp/The_French_Village_Diaries/Blog/Entries/2011/8/5_A_lovely_blue_colour.html

(Andrew Hearne) #60

great photos and scenery, love the vinatege bike (only leg pulling, plese don’t take offence!)