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(anon27983145) #101

It is my impression that they take cycling rather seriously in France - I have yet to find photos or videos of people going for non-sporty Sunday rides on miscellaneous bikes in miscellaneous clothing...

When I go out for a ride with or without other people, it's 20 to 50 miles on a 3 x 8 speed mountain bike with road-friendly tyres - the same bike I have commuted and shopped on for 12 years ...

(Andrew Hearne) #102

yes and no, Jeremy, I rode with a racing club in the UK too, just the same as the clubs I've ridden with in France ;-)

(Tim Neal) #103

Im coming over for Leman 24 in 2017. Get training guys :wink:

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(Andrew Hearne) #104

I’m tempted but haven’t got the time for that one. Did the Ariégeoise xxl this summer, well worth a go if you like mountains :wink:

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(Terry Williams) #105

Grandson made it to the end. Between them, he and his mate completed 105
laps, a total of 439.425 kilometres, so no mean achievement and well up
with other teams. They lost 10 laps when a derailleur failed and one of
them had to walk back to the pits to get a repair. They had hoped
originally to do 650 km but, as night fell, it got very cold, something
they had not bargained for. So they stopped for a few hours sleep before
setting off again at dawn.

Altogether there were 475 teams, including 80 riders doing it solo (!) and
a total of 4,400 riders. Grandson did their fastest lap – 7 min 7 sec on
his last stint when he was able to go flat out. The fastest lap overall was
5 min 17 sec, probably done by an American riding solo who was keeping pace
with teams of six and eight riders!

(Jo Blick) #106

Where is it John?

(Jeanette Leuers) #107

Fried my best tablet…Brief notes only…JUST wanted to say…E-biking is the best thing that can happen…For any ancient bikers. I got mine last year…Cheapest possible…From Norauto’s…I think they put the price up from 370+ when the rush to buy must have surged past supplies. Ace exercise, on French voies vertes…At your own pace. Like a dream gym…

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(David Martin) #108

You can get a tax credit too.

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(Pauline Brown) #109

hi Catharine I am new both to the site and will be relocating shortly to Vienne, my husband and I are both keen cyclists! In fact France is the only place I will as I feel very safe.

(Pauline Brown) #110

Hi John, I am relocating to Saint Savin and I know your shop will be very useful, have you got address!

(anon72090214) #113

I try to keep away from bicycles, they hurt ya bum

(Norman Clark) #114

Not sure if I qualify but I do cycle when the weather is favourable, usually for about 10-12Kms out and back) on my sturdy old 4-speed steed (Australian Malvern Star)I have had for just on 40 years and which has traversed half the globe with me and has only had tyres renewed.
I say I am not sure if I qualify is because the first ride after Winter - earlier this week, was somewhat reduced in pleasure when I was overtaken by a Jogger! Now I know I am not Tour de France, but that seemed to add insult to injury!

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(Maxime Sorin) #115

Yo Norman. The main question is : Do you have fun when riding your bike ? If the answer is yes play it like me ====> Je m’en bats les c****lles

Je lève mon verre à toi Norman

(Thomas Butterworth) #116

Yes does Motor Cyclist count. Peddaling is much to like hard work.

(Guy Marshall) #117

A rusty Malvern Star! I had one of those and it always reminds me of these guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAWBSe-GfrA :slight_smile: