Overnight Stop

We are both singers so there will be stuff blaring out of the speakers all the way to keep us awake!

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Me neither. Both neccessary down south.

I’ll make a note of that. We were going to be stopping in Chateauroux so will check it out next time we are on the southern direction.

That’s done it…
A tiny part of me is “green with envy”…
How I wish we could go back in time… to the days when we would throw a bag of “essential stuff” in the boot and head off to wherever our fancy took us…

Always setting off very early… to avoid traffic… the radio or cd’s playing… and us singing along…

(As I said… tell us when it’s all over… and you’re safely home.)


We won’t be leaving until next Friday, 7th, but will check in on the 8th.

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I often used cruise control, but what a blessing to have an automatic for travelling round the M25 with its stop, start.
I remember driving from South Burgundy on the 23rd July, which was a Friday and it was even stop, start on the M4 until I got off at Swindon for Stroud. It was the start of the school holidays and I just got out of the car into a bath and left everything to JIm.
We too had about fifteen minutes of pretty ordinary road at the start and end of our journey, the rest was either dual carriageway or motorway, all the way from the Cotswolds to Trivy.

L’escale Village, as it is now called, is just off Jn 12 on the A20, near the airport at Déols. In the 90’s L’Escale was always incredibly busy, open 24/24, with a huge parking and facilities for routiers. Times have probably changed, especially with the upheaval of Covid, but I hope it is still a great place!

Made it home in one piece. Did the drive in one go. Actually felt this was easier than when I last did the one day drive about 5 years ago. Thanks all for the advice.