PACS vs MARRIAGE? Pros and cons

Ah well David.....your very respectable and glitzy events were not business things

but long moments of trial and error.

Yes, I agree not everything in life is forever but you can but try.

It would be appreciated by me if people note my approach.....It is better to

have tried than lost.

But I have not done to all accounts even if all my business ideas

do not develop into is brilliant and imperative.

That is the way everything operates....with support.

Nja, nja - more than you then. All in registry offices, although I had to button my lip and accept a church blessing for one.

Well Barbara I know that some weddings can cost a fortune but i see that there's now a reaction against that because the money is better spent towards the purchase of a home. I'm an expert on weddings- having been married three times! My first back in the 70's was hampered by the fact that my proposed FIL was the Scot they wrote the stories about and who refused ANY contribution. However we managed a Chelsea church wedding and Knightsbridge hotel reception on £1k all in! The divorce cost about 350 times the wedding. My second wedding was in 2002 at a nice Registry Office in London with a West End Reception at under £k all in. My third wedding was a slap up do for 70, judge wedding, group. dancing etc etc all up < £1k but in the Philippines. You don't need to spend a fortune and many have been taken in by the social pressures. This year it's apt to think about all those wartime weddings and they were great morale boosters and cost not a lot. I should say I still believe in weddings and I for one would not wan't to live with someone without going that extra mile. It's horribly old fashioned maybe but that's still what I think. If others choose other approaches that's up to them and I don't really feel any less of them on account of that. PACS sounds like a business contract to me.

We have been together for a long, long time. Came here and got a pacs.

Mainly to protect each other from the family who come looking for buried treasure

or create financial and legal turmoil.

Money and everything that turns itself into it is dangerous....

death and divorce stimulates these elements of danger.

Weddings are a good excuse to spend silly money.....

Is the average wedding cost now 30.000 pounds and rising?

a PACS party?

And the disadvantages of the Pacs :

Succession and inheritance issues are mentioned here :

The info on this page lists the most important differences, including a brief mention of inheritance.

Yes, the Pacs was never designed to replace marriage, and certainly, from what I understand of inheritance and family law - the latest government beefed it up, but it still does not bring the same rights as marriage.

sì, certo, il modo più semplice per farlo... they won't give a darn ;-)

Yes, it is the way you say from what we gather from friends Andrew. One couple have a load of kids. The man has several from his previous marriage, the woman three, but now they have a child together. However, even their PACS puts the umpteen (I think about five) from the man's previous marriage age ranked above the child they now have and then her children follow in line. In essence that should be OK, except that she owns the house having had it built after her divorce, is the higher wage earner with a fair amount of savings but they made the mistake of changing everything around to put things in his name (because that is what some people still do in France apparently, according to them anyway) which puts his children age ranking in prime position as heirs.

That is all a bit above me. Mind boggling stuff. My adult son has no rights to anything of mine at all under German legislation, especially since he has never gone for the dual nationality he is entitled to, so our daughters now are fine.

However Ruth, you have one each and should you have one together then, from the way discussion develops on that topic among our friends, then the 'fun' begins. PACS is a civil status, thus also not recognised in any other country, so you can't take it with you whereas marriage crosses all boundaries as an internationally recognised legal status. That is why my Swiss wife and I chose it. So, I think Andrew's closing words are the easiest option even if not your favourite choice.

e perché in Sicilia lui è francese o siciliano?

our notaire keeps saying we should get pacsed (to protect the remaining partner, I'm English, she's French) - we have kids together, non from previous relationships so things are simple but having said that the PACS really is a half-way house and doesn't give people in more complicated situations the same "protection". I can't see a pacs being recognised either in a foreign country. I think from what you've said that you already know the answer, Ruth... small wedding in your local mairie ;-)

I am married, have been before, so hardly somebody to have a personal view of PACS. However, nearly all of our friends are living together or PACSed and it would be fair to say the majority are divorced or separated before the present partnership. Most of them now have at least one child together but several have children from previous partnerships, several of them from marriages. Several of them are considering marrying because PACS does not resolve all the issues that inheritance can bring with it. Also, if they separate it would be probably legally simpler if they divorced rather than the arrangements made for finishing a PACS relationship. In fact I do not know but I am simply passing on what is sometimes discussed and can get quite heated when several couples who are either PACSed or living together get going. What appears to an outsider is that it is very unclear what the exact situation is in a PACS.