Pay as you go 4g data sim valid for more than 1 month

Maintaining all this “labour reducing” technology is a full time job :roll_eyes:

CarPlay, Mercedes Me, My BMW, Alexa, Siri, Apple Home, Blink, Tapo, Tado, Wallbox, Hi-Kumo (Hitachi) ICO, VeSync, Devolo, most recently TeamViewer (courtesy of another thread on here) etc. etc. And when it goes wrong, as the only one in the house that understands how it all hangs together there an urgent demand for immediate tech support :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My own fault, I’m addicted to fiddling with this stuff but I’ll soon need a “Mission Control” room at home.

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Quite. More automation is not always the answer.

E.g. I’m not convinced the adaptive cruise control makes the mental effort of driving any less - the opposite in fact.

Beforehand when driving along a motorway I had to think about other vehicles on the road, my speed relative to them, what they might be planning on doing, the small direction changes needed to follow the route etc.

Now I have all that plus monitoring the car and making sure that IT is doing those things (within its limited ability).

Though it slightly surprised me by being extremely useful in a scenario I didn’t originally consider. It’s brilliant in slow stop start traffic.



I agrée, though some of my attention is marvelling at how “clever” it is.

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