Pension P60

Morning All

Have got to do my first UK tax return, where I need to declare the state pension I have received.

Do you get a P60, if so when.

Or can you obtain it on-line



UK tax return?
AFAIR a P60 is not normally issued by HMG for State Pension. It’s usually below the UK tax free allowance anyway but any other pensions that you get may take the income above the allowance, in which event that pension provider will be issued with a tax code by HMRC to apply to those pensions but the State Pension amount is usually preserved and not affected.

Morning Graham

Bit confused.

I have my state pension to declare as income , but I also have rental income to declare…

This may well take me over my allowance.



Sorry Andy, your question is still not clear.

  • Are you French resident?
  • Have you submitted the France-Individual form to HMRC?

If French resident and you have submitted France-Individual then you will not be paying tax on your State Pension in UK but in France.
IIRC UK rental income is declarable in France (as is all your worldwide income) and there is a specific place on the French Tax return to declare that which respects the DTT and preserves your position.

Just to add, if you are French resident and declaring UK rental income to the Fisc, refer at my guides here and in particular the tax help forms pdf which outlines where on the return various bits go.
This graphic is the line concerning UK rental income but note that (if you are filing online) 2042 and 2042C have been combined.

Andy, you declare the UK rental on the UK tax form to HMRC the UK as the April to April amount. And then put an amount in your French tax return (tax treaty means you don’t pay twice). The true conscience people rework a Jan to Jan figure according to the French tax rules of what things can and can’t be set against profit. (So don’t follow my example which is to slap the same figure in….for several years I reworked it and the difference was minuscule, so asked an accountant who said as long as I do exactly the same every year and have papers to prove it then not a major issue)

Your UK state pension you declare in France. The easiest way is to add up 14 weeks at the 2020 rate, and 38 weeks at the 2021 rate. You should get a “pay slip” once a year which gives you the new rate.