Phone issues and SIM cards

Hopefully good news with the new APN, if you dont mind sharing it, I can add it to my apn settings, then if I have to use my reglo sim in UK I can switch over to the amended apn

You can port your number to reglo, you will need your RIO from your old provider(which is usually easy to get it should be in your online account details).
When you start to apply for your new reglo sim it will be an option for you to port an existing number.

Hi MsJHH. If you have a smartphone, load the Vyke app on your phone and you can then port your existing UK number into the app. Your number will be kept alive for a princely sum of 17 euro/year and you will receive all texts and calls made to your UK number. You can also make called on a PAYG rate. If you don’t like the service you can port your number out if you wish, but it works perfectly. Then you can use your normal French SIM in your phone if it only has one SIM slot.

Not according to their T&Cs. They have the option to suspend your service after 60days abroad.

I have been in France for 2 years and have had no concerns or any feedback from smarty and I have used my UK sim daily. The t&c you refer to is regarding the fair usage of using data,after using your 12gb of usage your data gets suspended and you have to buy data to cover rest of that month if you need it, it has happened to me a couple of times. The T&C plainly states that please reread what you highlighted in yellow.

Happy to share this APN…It can be used in France and/or the UK without any further need to amend when travelling etc…the lady from service technique explained this new APN was needed/recommended to obtain the correct configuration, even for phones that like mine, that have been ‘happily’ using réglo for some years.

APN name Afone Internet Mobile
APN sl2sfr
MCC 208
MNC 10
APN type default
Authentication type PAP
APN protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol IPv4

All other fields were left blank. Interestingly réglo sent this to me so that all I needed to do was click on the file to install it, and that was it…

Once again, thanks to you @digitracker and @KarenLot for alerting me to the very existence of APN as a potential issue that was stopping me accessing réglo when roaming. I don’t wish to tempt fate but I am returning briefly to the UK in May so will have the opportunity to test it. I very much hope this works!

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As soon as anyone gets a new SIM, even when just received and with no plans to change I’d advise everyone to dial 3179 (works all networks, free of charge call) and make a note of their RIO for that SIM and keep it forever. Once you dial 3179 the RIO will be texted to whichever phone the SIM is in, usually straight away, and sometimes a recorded voice will verbally give it as well before that.

The RIO doesn’t change.

I learned this after Free refused to give me my RIO to get away from them after about 14 months of knowing they’d lost access to the Orange transmitter they’d been renting on that was the only one they had serving my location.

Basically Orange was only required to provide access to Free as a competitor for 5 years or so. That time had passed and Orange had booted Free off it. Leaving me with no coverage on a Free contract.

After well over a year and multiple desperate calls to Free support they still never admitted this had happened and kept taking 25 euros per month.

I found out by accident seeing specialist preas coverage on the internet whilst looking for something else. (Roaming on my UK SIM was no problem during this time so I could keep going.)

I told Free I had found out about the fraud when all this time they’d taken money and refused to admit they"d lost my only transmitter and I was terminating the line. Free’s call centre unlike others refused to give the RIO. By then I’d lost the SIM and they wanted 10 euros to replace it. Just so I could dial 3179 to get the RIO to go to another network.

In the end I had to pay about 11 euros to send Free a signed-for correctly formatted termination letter. They signed for it and it was proven but they took another 3 months money. I phoned Free customer support who admitted they’d signed for the termination over 3 months ago and this time (Free had refused before even when there was no coverage and when I’d told them I’d discovered their fraud and was terminating), the agent terminated the contract immediately. But said he couldn’t refund the 3 months money still taken after they’d signed for the termination letter.

I should have got around to suing Free for the extra money taken, but think I may be out of time.

So with any new SIM, as it’s always the same RIO for the line, I advise you get the RIO and store it somewhere as soon as you start using the line.


Thanks for that, good solid information, I am going to get my RIO info and store it on PC .

One thing that bugs me is that it switches to the mailbox too quickly. It’s always a stress to answer a call in time. I enquired about this, but they said there is no way of changing it.

Thank you for this; I had no idea - it’s really useful information. I’m something of a phonophobic preferring to use Face Time, etc. so my knowledge of such things is limited. I now have my RIO number and have also written Free off (it was a contender along with Reglo).

Yes recycled numbers can be a nightmare - when I moved back to the UK from the Caribbean I was given a recycled number - I got tons of phone calls from strangers wanting to speak to the previous user of that number. Fortunately Vodafone swapped my number for a new one without issue.

By way of experiment, my wife called me on my (Réglo powered) mobile. We counted 12 rings before it switched to voicemail. I was surprised actually at how many times it rang. When out on my bike, it’s normally enough time for me to safely pull over, dismount, pull out my phone from deep in a pocket, check it’s not yet another cold call/unfamiliar number, and then answer it before voicemail kicks in. I appreciate it may not be quite long enough for everyone though.

Heh heh. A recycled number would still have been better than a shared one?

Orange issued the same phone number to me, and to someone elsewhere in France, at the same time. The shops refused to help as it had been bought online, and online/ call centre denied it saying it was technically impossible.

Eventually I asked them to deal with the rather personal messages in my voice mailbox from the family of the man they’d given the same phone number to, around the same time as to me, and perhaps to forward them.

It had taken so long to get to that point when Orange agents finally couldn’t deny their firm’s mistake (refusing to admit mistakes seems to be a corporate French thing), that I was then out of the free cancellation period for incorrect product sent, and had to send them formal notice of termination, signed-for with La Poste fees, and keep paying Orange during a notice period.

Welcome to French consumer rights obtention. If only such rights were as efficiently pursuable as employee rights seem to be in France - which I applaud.


I don’t understand this!
My phone rings 4 times at the most before switching to voicemail.
Thanks for your information. I’ll contact Reglomobile about it.

Brief update for Réglo fans.The above APN information (supplied by Réglo Services Technique) has enabled me to successfully use my Reglo SIM for roaming in the UK for the first time yesterday. Prior to this trip and the new APN, the SIM wouldn’t connect at all in the UK…

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