Pointing a stone wall

Here is an example of a french house in Normandy, made entirely from marle clay. Obviously there was no source of field stones, or ramdom stone. There are, however, some pieces of cut stone around the front door and the best room window. I took this shot in 2004, but haven't been along that road since, so I don't know what the situation is now. You can see the remains of a lime render on the gable end.

I completely forgot that pics can be pasted into the text.

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Lime putty: the pic shows some I made earlier!! Six years ago, in fact. The longer tou keep it the finer the lime particles become. Just tip a bag of plain hydrated lime into a bin, top up with water, poke it around to make the water mix in. Always make sure the top is covered with a layer of water. To use it, slap it about to make it cream-up. Don't add any extra water, unless you are making limewash. For fine plaster, sieve it to remove any lumps.