Pre School Learning

So many books so little time
But can we trace the fault back through “time”…???
When English cannot paint a tree
And freedom was erased from history
Where kidnappers to their perpetual shame
When an (ab) Original woman was asked her name
Magyar “tell the truth” Triganini “of what happened to my brothers and sisters and me”…
Hands and feet cut off to prevent escape
Death destruction kidnap rape
Magyar Breton Brittany
Triganini Coelbren and Hungary
“I am kidnapped” Benelong
And yet my heart still hears the song
A distant drumbeat of memory
My ancestors continue to call to me

“Come child do not lay down your S-word
The human race can ill afford
To lose touch with the pagan the shaman and druidry
Stay in y-our heart for humanity…”

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Bill, I was really saddened and shocked that no one in your family took the time to introduce you to the pleasures of books and reading at a young age.
It was such a shame that your dad, or someone in the family, didn’t spend just a little time doing this before you already had a year at school.
I have already explained that my dad too worked ‘like a beast’ just to put food on the table and pay the rent, nevertheless I was introduced to books at an early age.
My ‘prose’ was a gut reaction to your situation, no offence meant, just the truth as an ‘outsider’ sees it.


That pretty well says, all I, possibly could Peter, re generation gap (perhaps) between myself, Misty36140 and others.
My Parents, (mistakenly) thought teachers were Far Superior to their own, ‘lowly social status’, which was of course, ridiculous. They wouldn’t have dreamt of criticizing/questioning a superior ‘being’. :rofl:
A Teacher, unthinkable!!!
Hence my quote, “Men among Children, Children among Men”. :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot about reading here, but what about maths, logical, phyisics ? Hated reading when I was young, but everything related to logic, loved it. I could play chess when I was 6 (not as a pro of course, but still). Spent a lot of my childhood drawing, doing art and craft. Learnt English, Spanish. The farmers next door to us, don’t have good french and certainly not a good spelling. Their mumy and dady didn’t spend time at all on that. Instead they gave them the practicality, the pragmatism they needed to run a farm with success. They are richer (in all the meaning) than a lot of us. We are all different, and vive la différence !

Nobody has ever told parents that they are expected to teach their children to read but parents have always been asked to support the school and to share books with their children at home. Having a home reader and possibly a home:school reading diary has been part of early years education for as long as I can remember. Every school that I worked in provided suitable reading books for each and every pupil and most encouraged the use of the school library as well. It has been proven that children who grow up in literature rich home environments thrive. Local lending libraries have always been available for those who were less well off.

As I indicated Ann, maybe my poor old Dad, not long ‘Demobbed’, after 6yrs of fighting the 2nd World War, was a bit to busy, trying to get a life together for His family, but yes, he did get me reading, in what spare time He had!
I find it offensive, you say, “such a shame that your dad, or someone”. Disappointed Ann, as I say, they were quite busy, as are lots of families nowadays too.
Teachers have the benifit, of long hols to devote to their own kids pre school education!

One of my school friends joined P and O and worked as a merchant seaman. He worked six months on six months off. No teacher I have ever known enjoyed that much paid holiday.

If you search for the rest of the BBC page that I posted as a photo it continues to explain how parents can get involved in maths, problem solving and other subjects and enhance their children’s education.

You must be a lot younger than wott I am Dave, “home reader, home:school reading diary”, “for as long as I can remember”, either you have a very short memory, or we are on different ‘planets’ :wink:
You say worked in, You must have retired early, :+1:

Do you realy need to explain that to parents ? Leave a bit of peace to children to express their creativity and own experiences, if not they will miss the essential : building their own intelligence and ability to face the real world. I’m not saying you don’t have to support them and help them when they need, but let them grow up as kids.

And I’m leaving this thread, as elitism is not my cup of tea !

As I said in the pm that I sent you I worked in early years education so my experience does not rely on memories of memories from over half a century ago. I had home school readers at school, I can remember some of them vividly, especially a Kitty and Rover.
I presume you referred to me as sweet as you think that it’s not very manly for a man to work with young children.

P&O, 6 months on, 6 off, utter rubbish Davey, I was with their main competitor, ‘Ben Line Steamers’, don’t be silly, we would all have ‘been off’ to P&O :rofl:

Are you referring to the information published by the BBC?

If the cap fits :slightly_smiling_face:

He was a first officer on cruise ships. Six months on, six months off. My school friends who worked on oil rigs tended to do three months on, three months off and that was considered more manageable.
No rubbish Bill, yet again facts. You just don’t like them.

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Actually I found it sad. Now talking about effeminate sailors…

Your humour Davey :rofl:

What about them, I have known some wonderful Female Sailors! :+1: