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Most household insurance covers responsibilite civile.

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Even when carrying out a commercial activity.

I know insurance in France has different customes and norms but this from a typical UK home insurance policy schedule

From my understanding though this is not enough to cover your complusarary ME insurance? I’d love to hear otherwise and save €200 a year :rofl:

L’obligation ou non de souscrire un contrat d’ assurance professionnelle en auto-entreprise dépend avant tout de votre activité. L’ assurance RC Pro est obligatoire notamment si vous travaillez dans les domaines suivants : santé et bien être. construction, BTP, habitat.

From the official ME site.

It’s a bit different here, the responsibility civ covers you for damage you might cause elsewhere.

See below. Loads of insurance companies will try to imply that it is obligatory however which is probably where the confusion arises.

True, but not if you are acting in a professional capacity.

As with any insurance, it always comes down to what is explicitly covered, what is explicity excluded, and the grey zone inbetween as to what the insurers will try and argue with you should anything untoward happen.

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Thank you so much for that! I thought we’d been told it was obligitoire at the stage, but there was builders etc there so maybe I misunderstood. As you say the responsibility civ covers much and this is perhaps not something I need to worry about when I’m doing so little.

I never have TBH.

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Hi Cat, I’ve looked through all the list and I can’t find the category you mention. If you have a minute to find it that would be fabulous! Thanks xx

The NAF code is 7021Z if that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you!