Problems with Orange

Do you have mobile phone coverage?

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good question David… some mobiles have an Emergency button on them…and internal GPS signal (or whatever) helps Emergency Services locate it and the person in distress…

I have had good results calling the Orange English language customer service line - 09 69 36 39 00

Sympathies - we found them a horribly unhelpful and dishonest bunch. You only have to see the permanent queue of dissatisfied looking customers at our local branch to know that others feel the same way.
Also, Orange sold us an internet package in the sure and certain knowledge that it wouldn’t work properly - of course, they didn’t tell us this. We live in quite a hilly area - forget Livebox, we used to call it the Deadbox!
The minute we decided to take our business elsewhere - SFR briefly - the SFR guy checked our postcode and instantly said, I can’t recommend you take out our internet option, it’s not going to work where you are.
Then we found out about Nordnet phone/internet by satellite - for which we even got a grant - and haven’t looked back. :sunglasses:

Had a similar situation, 2 lines to the house as have seperate work line, utterly unhelpful, either the French business support line or the english helpline…guess who is going elsewhere as soon as contract is up

Just got our phone line back after 18 days, was originally told it was a tree fallen on the line and would be repaired by 12th July, then “it’s more complicated " and will be done by 17th, Then " we really meant between 17th and 24th” As always, left until the last minute, literally! Back on the phone to them now to try and get some compensation , not holding my breath…

Sorry for the late reply, I used the internet using my smartphone & it’s 3G connection, I too am very rural and my nearest wifi hot spot is 25 km away. In the appointment confirmation email, they gave me a log number to take to my nearest Orange store to collect a temporary 3G modem to use while our connection was down. Sorry you had such poor service, we are in the Mayenne, maybe the service differs from area to area? Since my last post I have had cause to report a problem again & had the same excellent service. Such a shame your experience has let them down so badly. Hope you are all sorted now.

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On Monday morning all was fine, then on returning to the computer a little later I noticed the internet had dropped. The first of 7 texts over 3 days arrived from Orange to say that they were working on the problem and it would be back up and running on Thursday morning. Later on another text to say that it would be Thursday evening. Then that it was now working again, this on Wednesday, but it wasn’t. The next text said that it would be Friday evening and then, within a very few minutes, it finally came alive again.

They kept giving my an internet address to use in the meantime but, without a smartphone, that was no use.

Is there an easy way to finally cut my ties with Orange, I don’t use the landline any more, too much spam, so that wouldn’t be missed, but I don’t want a smartphone.?


Is this reference helpful?

Be sure not to jump out of the frying pan into the fire though. Some wired services are more terrible than Orange (since the line is rented anyway from Orange and these customers seem to be treated with less priority).
You could consider a 4G contract… there is a topic here on Bougues worth looking through - you won’t need a smart phone to utilise this service.

Thank you I’ll give it a proper look but at first glance it is more expensive after the first year than Orange.