Property Inheritance tax

Good grief… having wandered through page after page/site after site … it’s seems (to me at least) that the inheritance bit of the Constitutional Council’s debate/ruling/whatever…
is as clear as mud and will probably/hopefully be clarified (in simple layman terms) at some stage.

meanwhile the sunshine beckons…

Thanks Paul. I’ve updated the pdf to reflect the changing status of this situation.


On the face of it adopting the children will double the inheritance allowance and almost reduce the IHT hit to an acceptable level.

The Connexion: 11 changes for residents in France from September 2021.

Behind their paywall John.

Sorry Jane, I can read the article but dont subscribe, must be a location thing.

I’ve noticed that Connexion articles seem to follow behind the French Press (and this forum)… so I suspect many of us will have seen/heard/read about… whatever “11 changes” they are offering.

However, they do sometimes come up with an interesting angle…

@Corona Perhaps you could simply list the 11 subjects of these changes… ???
if not… which of the 11 do you reckon impacts you most… (and possibly many of us) ???

I can’t find 11 in this publication… (the Spain/France motorway was reported elsewhere)

It was No4 the inheritance tax changes (so as to keep to the topic)
I cannot now bring up the article as I only got to view it once.

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