Provision of doctors

Communes can, if they so wish and if they have the money, , invest in building health centres, or offering a free consultation room, subsided accommodation, and paying a (good) salary rather than the doc being self-employed. Ours also offered a huge golden handshake to attract doctors and managed to get a doctor reasonably close to retirement who wanted a less pressured environment. Which was a relief as the existing GP did not want to work alone and was going to leave if no one else could be recruited.

Not sure why you specify “younger family men” being reluctant to live in deep rural France. I would have thought it applies to both sexes?

But also the statistics show that there is a great lack of GPs in cities too, so there are urban and rural medical desserts. There have not been enough doctors coming through the pipeline who want to be GPs. Hopefully this will improve now training has been resteuctured.

Ah Jane, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that :joy::joy:


Maybe I should go and retrain - plenty of other nurse / midwives do! I’ve still got over 20 years work ahead of me!


That’s exactly what our local town of ca 10,000 inhabitants has done. Now got two thriving health centres on the go. It’s one of the benefits of not being too rural. Nothing fancy about our town ten minutes drive away, but as I’ve said elsewhere, we are right in the country but have a town that works 365 days of the year with everything we need. Go too remote in France at your peril!