Pruning advice (Lot et Garonne)

Me too! No - mine didn’t look like that - theylooked more like this…

Just looked at your version and they also have the one I’ve shown (and similar) - much cheaper in the UK.

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The big problem is, of course, that they are in the UK :roll_eyes:

£17.90 in UK on Amazon on a quick look

“Darlac DP332 Compound Action Pruner Garden Secateurs”

If you can find it on Amazon, then provided it is shipped by Amazon, no matter who sells it, it will arrive at your address in France sent DDP (ie UK VAT deducted, French VAT having been paid, and no extra money to pay to La Poste or courier on delivery).

I do it regularly and provided is willing to ship to your address, when you’ve done the order that’s all you pay. Shipping charges mostly around £5 or not much more.

Do not choose an item not shipped by Amazon - most vendors don’t know how to do the above. Some (like Lakeland) have got the bit about deducting UK VAT and adding back French VAT in the amount you pay them, but leave La Poste or the courier still to pay the French VAT to France - which will mean you get charged La Poste or courier’s handling fee 10-20 Euros per parcel in the order on delivery. Not funny if some items you order are drop-shipped, some not. As they will arrive as separate parcels each attracting a handling fee.

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Getting back to the original question :slightly_smiling_face: it’s the eternal gamble here in SW France as to whether we get any more severe frosts. I wouldn’t chance it in February with borderline tender shrubs like oleander, but would concentrate on urgent pruning of fruit trees, roses, clematis, cornus, cotinus and vines. In theory March is much safer for the rest!

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