Putty Question

Absolutely - and practice makes perfect.

If the puty is a bit stiff give it blast in the microwave for a few seconds also i always finnish it off by dipping the puty knife in a a little washing up liquid (half liquid to half warm water) it makes it nice and smooth + it helps it skin up quicker

Maybe one of you can enlighten me. We had a property in 24 some 20 years ago. The putty we used dripped out of the window frames and never set. What did we do wrong. Was it not mixing in a filling powder?

Now we have moved. The windows we bought had a strip of plastic beading that has come out in the heat. Other menuisiers say that this beading doesn’t exist anymore. What is the modern alternative? My husband is reluctant to go down the streaky putty route for these south facing windows.

You shouldn’t normally need to add anything to linseed oil putty (it can be a bit too oily but thus can be soaked up with newspaper). Never known it to be runny and not set/dry.
Difficult to advise without a photo ofthe plastic beading. If you still have the beading, maybe stick it back with a bead of glazing silicone.

Thanks Mark.
No, sorry, we threw the beading away as it just became tacky and no longer fit for any purpose. Presumably why Arts et Fenêtres stopped using it.
Thanks for the putty tip.