Recommended Low Cost Broker for Index Tracked Funds/ETFs


Looking to invest a small amount of Euros in a CAC40 index tracker ETF. Is there an equivalent of Vanguard or a low cost reliable broker that trades French ETFs that anyone can recommend?

Alternatively does anyone use the likes of UK Interactive Investor to buy French shares?

Many thanks!

Hi @ouroboros and welcome to SF
There’s a finance link in the SF banner at the top of the page… have you considered consulting them?

Here is a list of ETFs and it allows to to check which are eligible for a PEA which is useful since the PEA is similar to a stocks and shares ISA in the UK.

Just select

If you don’t need any advice and can pick the ETF yourself, Bourse direct is the recommended online broker for a PEA.

Thanks for all the replies and the pointer to PEA aspect which I’ll check if I’m eligible for. I’m more on the DIY / unmanaged / ETF end of the spectrum so will give Bourse Direct a go for a good looking CAC 40 index ETF. is a good website for research.