Request to those who wish to debate politics

Surely the current state of affairs would at some point be discussed, its a two way street, at any dinner party.

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Breaking the 3rd no-go! :joy:

Part of adjusting to life in a country other than one’s place of origin involves redefining oneself in a new environment and processing or coming to terms with one’s roots. It involves on a deeper level how we see ourselves in the world and our own core identity.

Funny how our bonds of identity, while cultural, can be reduced to the catch all of politics.

Beyond voting, I imagine most folks don’t have significant agency in day-to/day encounters with government. Like the weather it’s a given with which we cope with varying degrees of enjoyment, despair or disdain.

Lacking agency, I find humor helpful.

How do you all cope in terms of national allegiance given that you’ve chosen to make France your home?

Is it an emotional bond ? A political or cultural one? Perhaps an economic survival strategy?

It’s an interesting way to live between countries or without a simple, singular national identity. We become a sort of tribe of vagabonds, living in a different emotional space from those who never left the places we came from and from those who were here long before we arrived.


Totally agree Pamela - “…a sort of tribe of vagabonds” lovely phrase and so true :kissing_heart:

That is the norm for those of us who are born with dual nationality and constantly have a foot in more than one country. I think it is different for people who come to that plurality later.


Agreed. My son has dual nationality (FR/UK). He was born in France but grew up mostly in UK. He has however always considered himself equally as French as he is British.

Funnily enough, his mother is French but lives in UK whereas I’m British but live in France :upside_down_face:

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I see myself as part of a multi-generational transition from English to French - it’s pretty clear that my kids will stay in France, and if we have grandchildren they will most probably be more French than English.

I don’t see this as unusual or problematic at all - probably because I read a lot of history so know that national identities are incredibly ephemeral anyway (very largely ideological constructions invented out of nothing as recently as the 19th century). And anyway my own forebears previously made the transition from French to English! None of this is unusual at all historically - travels, migrations, invasions, etc, have been just as normal a part of life for some as living and dying in the same village have been for others.


I find it best to steer clear of politics and religion, to day I was more concerned trying to replacing my old lap top HP 255 puters broken hinges After 3 hours all is well unlike politics

Room A in the local community centre is permanently booked for political debate about any issue under the sun - in great demand is Room A.

Room B is also in great demand for a variety of other debates, such as ‘Women’s Football’ or ‘Age is only a Number’.

However, one day when Room B had hardly begun its debate about women’s football, someone from Room A popped in, interjected with a political jibe, and left, but the jibe remained.

A jibe is an insulting or mocking remark, which did not contribute in any positive way to women’s football, and it upset people.

Surely a lesson has to be learnt here?

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This Platform is titled Survive France and the political comments made by some people make me think they are only on here to bleat about UK politics. The more they bleat the more they should be ignored - start up your own site and spare the rest of us who are here for the title the site portrays. Moderators please take note!


Just ignore posts / topics you don’t like.

On this forum we are free to discuss whatever we like but there are certain rules which are normally followed, and when they are not someone steps in fairly quickly.

Take note of what exactly?!

I do wonder whether some people would be less concerned about the level of political discussion if it were in favour of the UK government rather than highlighting the endless incompetence, lies and corruption.


The moderators probably won’t see your post and, in any case, this issue has been discussed over and over and the site owners are well aware of the varying views.
As Mat said, just scroll on past the topics or posts that don’t interest you. It’s futile to complain.
Izzy x


That what @DavidV says must be done seemingly? I can’t imagine what else putting a paragraph of words then telling the moderators to take note could mean other than ‘listen to me and do what I say over and above everyone else on the forum’. I’m not being catty, I honestly can’t think of what it could mean other than that the views of that member should be noted and prioritised.


Over and over again - so what? It doesn’t make it any less valid. This forum as said by many before is toxic. Can’t see the point of most of it so getting out.

There are two moderators on the site at the moment, me and Cat - who owns the site, if Cat (and James the other site owner and admin) are happy with discussion of UK politics than I am certainly happy with it as well.

So, feel free to ignore the posts or threads involved. If you want more of the content that you’d like to see, then get more active on the site yourself.


Or, y’know, you could start up your own site considering how the owners of this one seem to be ok with how this one operates :person_shrugging:

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Exactly this! I think of this place a bit like a pub (but without the jukebox or dartboard)… If you go to your local then there will be people talking about all sorts of things. Some people you’ll agree with, some you won’t. Some topics you’ll be interested in, some you won’t. You can’t dictate what others in the pub want to talk about, but you can choose whether to engage or ignore… There are plenty of others sat in another part in the pub whom you can go talk to if you don’t like the topic being talked about at the bar.

Lol… Or you can leave. Although I doubt many people in a real world pub publicly throw their toys out of their pram when they decide their local isn’t for them :rofl:


If you go to a pub and find the punters only talk about one subject then you’ll either join in or look for another pub. :wink:


The publican of this mythical pub must be very happy as the public bar seems to be constantly full of the same old codgers who are presumably sitting there with full pints or are they nursing half a mild whilst they spill their opinionated beans?:crazy_face:🫵

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Good idea - why not stick some forum software on your Gite site and invite your friends there?