Revealed: UK's run by schoolboys

I followed that advice and the resulting private pension is worth less than 1/3 of the state one…

The triple lock is intended to drag the UK state pension up from being close to the worst in the Western world. It must practically be the worst when you look at the cost of living in the UK.It’s basically a slow recovery plan with a needed life ( as it is very slow recovery) meant to survive several governments to do its work.

I don’t understand why government pension rate is so much less for pensioners who retired before April 2016 - I would have thought older pensioners needed the same or more than younger ones

That was not such good advice as you can’t have (or at any rate pay into) a private pension as well as a company scheme.

It was a promise made by “girly” Cameron in the election campaign to oust Gordon Brown’s GOATS from office after GB offered a miserly pence increase to UK State pensions - “never again!” was Cameron’s clarion call… until Doris was installed in Downing street perhaps? He respects no promises, international treaties, not even his own “promises”, nada…

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We have a SIP and our state pensions in UK.
We need the triple lock, perhaps BoJo needs reminding just how many of his voters in the SE will be affected if he breaks that promise.

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