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Forgive this but at the risk of being impassioned with frustration I need help on getting through the micro-entrepreneur service

We went to an accountant to get registered with a micro-entrepreneur but their total incompetency meant we’ve wanted 6 weeks (having had out appt changed). It turned out we had to contact the CFE in the Lot CCI and it got resolved. Yippee…but ah…

RSI. We noted they’ve informed RASI (or Secu-Indpendance as it is now) but we’re at a loss on what happens next. The scary things is we’re in limbo, can’t register our son with CPAM as we dont have a social security number. We cant ring anyone or arrange an appointment on the new online service as to do that you have to have a social security number. Has anyone any experience in this area on how to navigate?

I suggest you check on the RSI website (or whatever it’s called now) for your nearest office and then just go there. You will probably have to wait but they should see you without an appointment. Make sure you take all your paperwork (including photocopies) with you.

Hmmm well the site is confusing as the one with appointments is 2 hours away the others we dont even know if open any more!!!

We offer assistance with this as a service in case you’re interested?

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TIme to pack and go back to Brexitville!

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James - thanks we may have to take this offer up, just trying to work out what we can do but the entry points are not easy!



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You may as well setup a free 10 minutes call with @cat to see if she cat assist.

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I’m not surprised by your initial experience, most accountants don’t understand micro entrepreneur. And most accountants don’t like it much either, since the main point of the scheme is it’s designed to be so simple that people don’t need accountants, in fact it has a built-in disincentive from using accountants since you can’t claim any expenses against profit. Which I suppose explains why they don’t know much about it if they never deal with any micro entrepreneurs.

I’m a bit concerned that you say “we” all the time. Micro entreprise is basically a one-person business. You can register as a couple but it’s not usually a good option. But hopefully you have spoken to Catherine by now and she’s set you right.

On the social security number, it’s usually pretty quick as these things go, but don’t expect it overnight. There’s a fair amount of admin processes and a number of different organisations involved in setting your new business up for you, it takes time.