Rubbish, Is it me?

We have always had communal bins over a Km from our house. It has never been a problem! Every time we go out for shopping or whatever, we assess the rubbish/recycling situation and take the rubbish with us. We don’t waste any fuel or time making trips just to the bins.

If you mean bungs, well, let us just say that in 24 all the board of SMD3 are elected local officials, and maybe that will explain somewhat!

Shame you won’t spill the beans.

We have almost the same situation here in our part of 23, but our bins are emptied twice weekly.

In our part of 23 they are emptied every 2 weeks, but I suspect we have a much lower population density


Rats, that’s annoying.

Although, as detailed above our refuse service is OK, the Wednesday collection is not that convenient for a Saturday to following Sunday stay.

As luck had it there was an Aire de stationnement for camping cars just up the road with both recycling and refuse bins so we used to stop on the way and get rid of anything built up since mid week.

Did so today to find the site empty and a little sign saying it was going to be repurposed as a picnic area :frowning:

Oh well, looks like a last day trip to the déchetterie from now on.

We have now been told that we can recycle all types of plastic, but they have made no changes to the size of the roadside bin or collections.

33 here. I think we’re quite lucky too - wheelie bins collected weekly (Weds for recycling, Thu for waste) from the end of the driveway. As it’s just the two of us and the dog, we can easily go 2 to 3 weeks without putting them out though. No limits on trips to the déchetterie for bulkier items, provided you have proof of residence.

Our Mairie isn’t usually great but for this I can’t really complain.

You’ll either have to put a larger bin on your premises for guests to use or have someone out of sight and scent to stash the trash until bin day.

We don’t have guests as we don’t rent the property out; easy enough to pop to the déchetterie the day before we leave to get rid of the bulk and then use a roadside bin in a small amenity area that we pass, or one of the Motorway picnic areas to dump the tiny amount we’d be left with having made sandwiches for the journey.


Charente Maritime (17) - I was given a new wheely waste bin some weeks ago, but it was not emptied last week. Did some reconnoitring and found a square chalk mark on the edge of the road nearby, but it was further along the road from my usual bin position.

Did some browsing and found a Clyclad website which I have now logged into. It tells me everything I want to know about waste collection in my commune, including why my bin was not emptied last week.

Wheelies will be emptied only if they are lined up side by side, next to the chalk mark, so that the collection vehicle can lift them up in batches, or I assume so - looks that way from the pictures on the website. Shall try to be there when they come next time to see what’s going on!

The wheelies will be emptied once every two weeks and the yellow recycling bags collected weekly. They were both emptied/collected on a weekly basis before.

And there’s a collection day calendar which I can download!


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As noted in another thread, we’ve found it again - it moved about half a mile away :slight_smile:

I saw my new wheely bin being emptied by the new one-man automatic refuse vehicle this morning at 8am. While I waited, watching, he climbed down from his cab - stony faced - came round to where my bin was standing, carefully placed by me in its proper waiting position the night before, to move my bin an inch, so that the grab mechanism could properly take hold of it, lift it up, tip the contents into the lorry, and replace it back on the ground. But he had to get back into his cab before the procedure could be completed.

No eye contact, but I wonder how many times he has to do that on his rounds - must be very annoying for him…!

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Well I wish our one man automatic vehicle bin man would have done the same for a neighbour of mine last month.
We have a similar system and I usually deal with this lady’s extra large wheely bin(full of plastic dressing cases from her daily visits fromt he nurse) as she is incapitated.I am always very careful to put it within the marked spot and had never had a problem in over 3years.
Unfortunately this time a pedestrian must have moved the bin slightly to continue using the footpath behind(as it is a bit of a squeeze to get by due to a small space)and because it was slightly off centre it wasn’t taken.I was not happy when Smitom gave us the drivers report when we phoned as it has never happened before.

Found this piece of info on my waste disposal website…not very helpful…

I’m a senior citizen, I’m afraid I can’t move my bins easily.

The 140 liter bins (for 1 to 3 people) are very handy because they are fitted with wheels and a handle. They will therefore not have to be carried, unlike bags.

Makes me think that our arrangement of putting the bin out opposite the front of the house and leaving the sacs jaunes in a pile on the floor is very forgiving.

Mind you I did have an odd conversation with one of the (English) neighbours who told me I was putting my bin in the wrong place, which puzzled me as we’ve been putting it in the same place since we bought the house, the closer neighbours also use the same spot and it is always collected from there without fuss.