S1 obtained what next?

Hi everyone . We are recently arrived to live in the Gironde. We both have long term conditions and a lot medication. My ither half reaches returement afe next year anyway.
Would anyone be able to tell me exactly what we need by way of top up insurance. my husband has one if the conditions which are treated free but there are others that aren’t.
Also.is there a CPAM in Sainte Foy? We haven’t managed to find one yet. Thanks in advance.

An older thread on this subject may have some useful information @Lynne


Hello Lyne

I have just moved to France at the beginning of November. I too have health problems and applied for an S1 before leaving the UK. The S1 will not arrive until you are here in France. The place you need to look for information s the International Pension Centre the telephone number is 0191 21 87680. Open 8am until6pm The web site is www.gov.uk and you need to look at the S1 and on benefits or if your are retirement age.

I would ring them in the first instance as they are very helpful. My husband is fit and well but under the rules he is included on my S1 for the healthcare. You only then need to buy you top up insurance once registered. My self I am using an English lawyer who helped us with our house purchase here in France last year. She is based in France and very good. She know all about French law and how to access things.

Hope this post is useful and good luck. We decided not to wait for Brexit as life is too short so we have took the bull by the horns and moved here.

Hi, thanks for the info we applied for our S1s back.in August and have spoken to the helpline a few times,mainly because someone at the DWP saw fit to change my DOB so had to get another one that was correct.
We sent off our forms for the Carte Vtale a couple if weeks ago and are waiting for whatever they want next.
We have had to register with a doctor to obtsin our regular meds and will have to pay and claim.back until our CV is sorted.

We will then be able to choose our top up insurance but cant do that without our Cv numbers ir so I’m told.

Hope you are enjoying your new life here in France. We came over in late September and still have a lot if sorting to do as our illnesses slow us down a lot.

Good morning Lynn.
Perhaps we could talk this morning or Friday on the tel
and I can answer your questions regarding CPAM etc.
As you know we are in the same area.
Hope that you still have my tel number?

Hi Barbara,
Hope you are well.
We are away at the moment delivering our caravan to Spain and will be setting off back shortly.
Could I ring you next week?

Yes you can indeed.

Hope that you are enjoying the trip.

Hi, apologies for adding to this thread again.

I have a house in France and intend to move there permanently at the start of 2018.
I am under state retirement age (47), but I am being retired for ill health reasons, in a weeks time.
I have contacted the overseas team and been told I am entitled to an S1 (due to my status/disability) when I become resident in France.
My questions are as follows -

Will I still need to wait 3 months after arriving before I can apply for a carte vitale (even though the UK will be covering my health costs)?

Will I need temporary full cover if I have to wait the three months, or will my EHIC suffice (I did see on a site that this is sufficient)?

I am registering an going to live in France at the earliest opportunity (due to Brexit), but my wife will not be able to join me (full time and resident) until 2019. Will she be admitted into the system as a piggy-back on my card, or will she have to apply for her own?

Thanks in advance.

You will still have to wait for three months before applying for a Carte Vitale. Even with an S1.
Mutuelle cover is not available to you until you have Cpam number.
Until then it is my experience that you will to pay for everything yourself and will be given feuille de soins by your healthcare providers which will be reimbursed by CPAM once registered on the system.
Keep all prescriptions and pharmacy bills as well. To send to CPAM…
EHIC cards are only for emergency medical care not ongoing care.
Sorry I dont know.if it will cover your wife. Normally it might but as she is young and working possibly its unlikely.
Hope this helps. It can.be a minefield. We have worked our way through.it this year but I think you.need to know that there are some medications that are not funded by the french system as there are some health problem.not recognised here, e.g male hypogonadism.
Lebels of reimbursement are mit always the same as the UK, si depending in you health problem I would advise looking further into it.

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Thanks for the advice Lynne. I will look into getting a temporary insurance policy for the initial period.