Selling our house in Dinan

Sadly, because of divorce we are going to have to sell our beautiful house in the Port of Dinan - actually it is technically in Lanvallay as just on other side of the bridge. It has been beautifully renovated, is in a unique unspoilt position by the river which can’t be developed as is protected. Because it is so unique it makes it difficult to value and we are unsure about how to market it. I would be grateful for any views on this and whether best to go through a notaire directly or an agent. It has a good letting income at the moment - usually fully booked between May and October and often outside these dates. E are worried that agent’s fees may be too high and we Obviously need to make the most out of the sale.
Thank you!
Debbie Dobinson

Sorry to hear of the 'Split’Debbie, Lovely looking place, I would get a Notaire and an Agent to value it. as a first step.

Divorce and selling, that’s a lot of stress Debbie !
A couple of links from this site covering your topic that may be useful… I’m sure that others on here will come up with some others. Good luck !

Many thanks Ann

It is horribly stressful but probably for the best. I had hoped to retire there one day but the universe can throw some curved balls!

Debbie x

Thanks Bill.

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Don’t give up on Agents Debbie, I had tremendous help from the one I bought our place from :slightly_smiling_face:

You must be gutted to have to move, judging by the Google maps photo of the property (which is 10 years old) you have done masses of work to it.

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Just Google Leggett the best and biggest Estate Agents in France by a country mile.GB owned so all agents spk English !
Good luck
Richard Buxton

No bias then?


If only Leggett would reply to our repeated emails they may even sell us a house - I perhaps am being picky wanting to view a house buying it!

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Debbie sorry to hear of your circumstance. We are looking to purchase in the Dinan area, is yours still for sale? Did you secure a good agent you can suggest we contact? Many thanks, and hope all is well.

@debbied - above reply is for you - just incase you don’t read this thread you should now get an email anyway.

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We contacted Leggett, and they obviously couldnt be arsed to replay. After numerous mails, it seemed the agent who placed the ad under Leggett’s banner didnt even work for them so mmm. We finally went with another very enterprising lady who worked wonders. We had the keys and all papers signed within 6 weeks. Happy days. Oh the Notaire is a councillor and our neighbour. !!