Septic tank advice

3 companies within 8km, one of which is 2km away.

Many thanks. However, most of them are either installers or emptiers. Also, we contacted one of the firms here, and the person who answered flatly denied that they had anything to do with septic tanks!

You probably need to talk to several of them. Have you asked your neighbours or someone else locally who they use for fosse septique work?

You could ask for a referral from neighbours, SPANC themselves, the Mairie, and anybody else… plus look through Pages Jaunes

Thanks for the suggestion but Pages Jaunes was first port of call. Found a builder who seems to know what he’s talking about via a neighbour.

Have done and as I mentioned earlier, they all say that they make them, fit them, empty them but none seem to be prepared to sort them out when they go wrong. Have found a builder who seems to know about these things on the recommendation of a neighbour,.

my old tank was a simple septic tank… which i didn’t realize until the inspection… failed due to excessive pollution!!..
i since discovered the waste had been flowing from the tank into the filter bed, which had been adequate when installed 25yrs previous…
aside from having the tank pumped, a contractor with bigger machines have dyno rod type machines to clear blockages… but if the filter is plugged… it’s possible that it is too late and digging it out, or making another may be the only solution?
i installed a complete new fosse toutes eaux… the and and stones for the filter were the most expensive part of my costs… it is a diy job if you have the ability to dig… and save about 5000€…

I may be stating something that you already know, but we have fosse septique, and they are supposed to fill and then flow away. Or do you mean they overflow the container? In which case, there is a blockage in the flow away pipe. In our case, its sometimes wetwipes or undissolvable things like that