Shelf company

You better argue that one out with the law firm in Paris that gives a succinct presentation about them (see link above) and invites enquiries.
They’re not common but if people want to buy something, someone will usually find a way to supply it.


perhaps you could post something about how shelf companies work in France, with a link.

I posted a link earlier in the thread … :wink:


check out the link to see how to start your own enterprise… (this latest info has just hit my Inbox…)

So it should be very easy for you to repost it.

Haven’t seen anything on this thread about “shelf companies” as are known in the UK. Just some links about “societe preconstituee” which are not the same thing at all.

Purchasing a “shelf company” in the UK does not require any particular expertise. These days it isn’t worth the bother as you can register a new company on-line in a matter of minutes. In pre Internet days accountants and agents held a portfolio of “shelf companie” that they could sell and entrepreneurs could avoid the days/weeks required to register a LTD.

Pretty much the same in France these days.

Check out Post 16 on this thread… :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry but it’s been an exhausting day at work, my brain’s fried, I’m still on the train going home, it’s actually not very easy posting links on my phone in fact it’s a PITA, and I didn’t see why I should repost one I posted several days ago.
Over and out, bonne soirée et bonne nuit :grinning:

EDIT - Thanks Stella

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You sound well-informed, why don’t you pass that knowledge on and enlighten those who are interested?

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Please explain the differences between a société préconstituée and a shelf company, I am very interested to learn.

In the business world that’s how the terms are translated, so if everybody is using the wrong translation then clearly there is confusion that needs clearing up.

etc (These links are proposing shelf companies outside of France, it’s just the terminology I’m talking about here. The previous link that we had all the fuss about, was offering shelf companies in Paris.)

Good luck with registering a SARL online in a matter of minutes.


Hello Sari ! I just saw your post. I am an English speaking French lawyer specialized in corporate law so if you have any question I would be glad to answer. You can send me an email at (simply to discuss whether I can help you). If not, I can try to recommend you the right person.

Aboslutely. From experience, you’d have a job getting everything sorted in a couple of weeks in France!