Should French kids be allowed to drive at 16?

Who is “they”?
It is driver behavior that makes roads safe or unsafe.
I agree that the French are not fundamentally the safest drivers in the world although not nearly as bad as the Italians in my view.
If you live in Paris you have good public transport, do you even need a car?

Yes we get it you live in a hellhole.
People in the UK with its horrible roads can drive at 17. My children all did the Bac early and it would have been very convenient for them to pass the driving test when still at home. I had the same problem, and ended up doing my DT far later than I might have liked to (BUT I zoomed about on a motorbike). If properly trained I don’t see a problem, I did the conduite accompagnée with my children, which either gives you a heart attack or makes you get a grip.
Edited for precision :slightly_smiling_face: my children were learning to drive.


No he loves his wife :wink:


I guess, to your first question…it is people who have children.

Peeps drive very aggressively and dangerously in France…and I have always wondered if the driver who is driving in such a way, would do the same if they knew it was their child or mum or relative or wife in the car in front ? ? Makes you think.

Yeah, you need a car in Paris.

Try doing a big shop in Paris on the RER…Metro…Bus…or whatever.

´Sort after’ hellhole.

I just needed to correct you…there.

I’ve only ever seen actual roadrage in the UK mind you where I lived was no doubt the hellhole equivalent of where you live. Cheshire if you’re asking.

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Do you mean “sought-after”?
Hoist with your own petard there, rather.


Ahhh…good point and that is a point my wife makes.

But….road rage…i.e…if you pīss me off with your car I will kill you……is a type of British cultural thing….but it does self regulate driving behavior. Most people won’t take the risk and drive normally.

We need more road rage in France so that small bald headed blokes hiding behind their steering wheels giving it all will think twice before using their car as a weapon….knowing they might get beat up for doing so.

Well that is my logic.

Speaking and spelling with a London accent.

No we really don’t.


Don’t be a twat , no one needs road rage anywhere


You do realise my comment was tongue and cheek :smiley:

Of course you do.

I dunno, something has to give before you let 16 year olds on French roads in a car.

And thinking about it, who is going to insure them ?

Another ill thought out idea by the Macron government.

As I understand it, this is an idea being floated for discussion. It has not been decided yet.
Who knows perhaps it will be the next big issue out on the streets if people do not like what the government eventually decides.
Either way I think you are getting very over excited at this stage.

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I’m like that.

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And that’s one of the reasons many of us have chosen to live in France. I’ve never been keen on murder being justified for trivial reasons

I drive cars, ride motorbikes and bicycles. I feel very much safer doing those things in France than I ever did in the UK. French drivers seem to have much better awareness of 2 wheeled (and 4 legged) road users - and their lane discipline is an order of magnitude better than I’ve ever observed in the UK.

About the only driving habit that I don’t like is the habit of driving half a car length behind a car in front, overtaking, then slowing down to 2kph less than the speed limit.

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Oh, miaou!


This does feel a little like how after 13 years of being in government the Tory party’s response to anything and everything negative is still “when we took over from the labour government…”, I can quite imagine you blaming everything from the French Revolution to things that happen in a hundred years time on Macron. Undercooked baguette in 2055? That’ll be that snivelling Macron’s fault. Builder didn’t put a damp course in your 500 year old cottage? Bloody Macron told him not to… :joy:


Tongue IN cheek
Tongue AND groove



Which particular remark? I am a sweet fluffy puddy tat :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Ah do you mean re old people including Brigitte Macron? It wasn’t intended to be mean, just factual. She’ll be 70 next week, in great nick but still, anno domini, she’s closer to my parents’ age than mine.


You should try Belgium. I tend to the view that French drivers are very “assertive” but are mostly quite predictable.
Belgians are utterly unpredictable behind the wheel.