Small legal claim in France

Can anyone advise - is there anything like the U.K. ´Small Claims’ legal service in France?
I have a dispute with a supplier/contractor

Have a look at this, might help

In France you normally have to go through standard steps before you can go to a small claims court (tribunal d’instance), up to €10,000 So you have to have taken the matter as far as you can with the company, and have sent a registered letter of formal complaint to their head office, etc. Check their complaints procedure.

If the amount is under €4,000 then you can start the process without involving paying for a hussier and just go via a déclaration au greffe, here:

You could also asK UFC Que choisir for a small abonnement charge. They defend and advise on small claims.

Good thought, or perhaps you have opted for the legal service with your house insurance?

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Thanks for all that very useful advice.