Smoking Food

When I visit a friend in Suffolk we always head here….

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Longe de porc maybe? You can get it on or off the bone and a slice looks like a bit of back bacon.

Just posted in Good news that I have just become the proud owner of a smoker.

Any advice on where to find ideas on how to start off smoking.

An Idiots guide to smoking would be quite good.


Sorry if you are not a complete idiot :joy:

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I was somehow reminded of this.



Absolutely brilliant film ---- Frying Tonight !



I ask and SF delivers


Yes, that’s similar, but not the same. I’m kicking myself for not writing the name down, or even buying one for the freezer.
Edit: Just had another trawl of the internet, and the closest I can find is carré de côtes sans os. This is what is used I think for pork chops (but avec os), which the internet says is what is used for bacon in the UK.

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There is also the one that @DrMarkH recommended above. I got it and it is very good (and straightforward :smiley: )

This pleases me enormously…

We have a huge maple which for some unknown reason previous owners planted under an electricity line. So we have to have it pruned every couple of years. The long straight branches get used for bean poles, and then brought in in Autumn and chopped up for kindling. But this year I’ve used the circular saw, so have maple sawdust for smoking…. Can’t get much more local than that!