So you want to import a UK car?

(Martin Gray) #81

If you iwn a UK car and do not need, or want , to change it, then yes. When one needs to sell a car one takes a bit of a hit on the value. Then when wanting to buy a car a premium price is likely. Even a second hand car u s valued higher in France than one might expect. So, to sell a car in the UK in order to buy in France one may pay a few thousand euros as a “cost to change”.
Having driven RHD cars in Europe and LHD cars in the UK one learns to adapt to their limitations. Personally, I have kept my UK vehicles and registered them all here. The immatriculation had to be handled by one if the professionels in the area. I ran into the FranceConnect is not for foreigners problem and used a local motorcycle shop. 5 motorcycles and a pickup are niw spirting shiney new French plaquettes d’immatriculation :blush:

(Bill Morgan) #82

OK :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #83

Go with you on Bikes Martin, but I am amazed France still allows RHD cars to pass the CT, I suspect that may change after Wrexit, and may be a factor in the difficulty for UK vehicules, in getting a CG.

(Martin Gray) #84

Hi Bill,
which part of the CT do you think they will automatically fail a RHD vehicle on? I amnot familair with the all of the tests myself, is there something specific you have in mind?

(jacqueline barnsley) #85

Hello Mark

Thank you for your e-mail. it is very helpful.

The car we are trying to obtain the Carte Grise for we bought over in february this year to keep here and is still insured until the end of this month, so from what you tell me we will be unable to get it reinsured until we have a CG which is a pain.

We have another car that we we have had to leave on UK plates ,insurance ,and tax as my husband travels frequently enough not to contravene the limited days allowed by the insurance company , for the moment it will have to remain as such. I think part of our problem is that although France is our premier home everything else is,Tax, health care is still in the UK so we are in a state of one foot in and one foot out type of situation for the next few months at least, so not even sure we can be classed as resident yet. there will be more hoops to jump through I am sure

Further attempts in obtaining the CG will continue,I will try again using a friends access to France Connect to do this. We got as far as uploading the certificates onto the site the last attempt, but not sure if we the correct ones needed.

We have the Quitus Fiscal, obtained without any problems, but we do not have or understand what the Mandate Originale is ,have asked around and no-one has a clue.

paper that we have are




Quitus fiscal


Driving licence

EDF bill and Taxe fonciere

Proof of purchase from the car sales

Do any of these need to be translated do you know ?

Hopefully that is all that’s needed, if you can offer any further advice I would be grateful as we need to get this sorted in the next two weeks before insurance runs out.

Kind regards

Jacki Barnsley

(Bill Morgan) #86

Primarily, safety, being able to see the road clearly, instead of having to play ‘russian roulette’ to see oncoming traffic, unless of course, having eyes on stalks, so one can see through the passenger window compensates :roll_eyes:

(Jane Jones) #87

Is it the headlights? Making sure they have been realigned to LHD norms so they don’t dazzle traffic.

(Martin Gray) #88

Hi Jacky,
The Mandate Originale is a form (CERFA 13757_03) that you need to sign, empowering your friend to make the application on your behalf. The friend also needs to sign acceptance. It is avalaible from the ANTS website somewhere.
SIgn, scan and add to your uploads. I think i have attached the form here:
cerfa_13757-03.pdf (527.3 KB)

(Martin Gray) #89

Nope. Those are replacable with right hand traffic variants, i have done mine as do most people when presenting for a CT. Once the lights are correct that will not lead to an automatic fail.

@Bill, The way that I look at it is that the CT is not a subjective analysis of how safe the tester thinks the vehilce may be. It is a set of repeatable tests that can provide consistent results regarding the functioning of various components. Considerations for the environment and safety are the rationale for the tests but it is not for the tester to interpret that rationale. Perhaps @Mark_Rimmer has more precise knowledge on this?

(jacqueline barnsley) #90

Hello Mark
Thank you, that makes it clearer now, as most people we have asked about this did their CG before change over to online and were not asked for a mandate.
Hey ! who knows, we even get this sorted yet !!

(Jane Jones) #91

But presumably if you haven’t had that done it would be an automatic fail? Mind you our car has passed two CTs now and the garage had only readjusted the headlamps but didn’t replace them.

(Martin Gray) #92

I have done 6 vehicles in the new system now; line up the correct paperwork and it does work.

(jacqueline barnsley) #93

Sorry Martin I called you Mark by mistake.

(Martin Gray) #94

That’s OK Jacki, I assumed it was because of the way I spelt your name earlier :slight_smile:

(Mark Rimmer) #95

Add to the list a cerfa 13750*05 (demande de cert of immatriculation), check that your MOT is less than 6 months old & check that your V5C has all the required info, not just the number under section K but the correct number under D.2 or D.2.1 & the co2 figure under V7. If your car is fairly new it might be worth checking if it would be subject to the Malus tax - large engined newer vehicles can incur a tax of up to 10,000 euros!
I have never been asked for a translation.

(jacqueline barnsley) #96

Hello Mark,
I have just checked the the V5c and under D2 it has the variant and version if that is what you mean? and it has the co2 under V7, and the MOT still has 8 months to run … It is a 2007 Citroen so hopefully not to costly.

(Mark Rimmer) #97

Sounds all OK so just fill in the demande form & give it a go!
It’s not actually as bad as it initially looks, as Martin rightly says.

(jacqueline barnsley) #98

I cannot wait to get this sorted out, it really has been a pain even with the aid of a fluent french speaker it has been hard going as we have been sent by the prefecture to various concessions ie toyota and even feu vert who were getting fed up of the prefecture sending etrangers to them as they themselves had no clue on how to deal with the problems… They were still learning themselves by all accounts. I wonder, do the other europeans who go to live in the UK have the same problems ??
many thanks for your help.

(Mark Rimmer) #99

For a garage to be able to register cars for money they need to be approved by the government. Not all of these garages want to handle imports as well as normal registration. My local VW specialist does while others nearby do not.
I was thinking of registering myself but you then have to have another separate bank account to take payment for the registration tax fee & although I help with a few I do not think that I would do enough to cover the extra bank charges!

(jacqueline barnsley) #100

The garages had no idea why the prefecture were sending people to them ,Feu Vert were handing out leaflets,apologising and sending folks on their way , . there is also in our area 23 a bureau that has been set up with prefectures permission to help deal with the people who are not computer literate or do not own one, they were our first port of call.