Sterling ... heading towards Euro parity

PM your smartphone number and I will send a link…

Thanks Graham. I’m 95% signed up. They are just checking that I am who I say I am, as above. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the photo of my p/port was rejected. I had this problem with HSBC. In their case I was able to do a jpeg, fettle it in Adobe Lightroom, and the fettled version - more contrast, remove reflections as best as poss etc - did work.

But this one is straight from the phone camera to Revolting

I found there security checks quite easy to negotiate - more than I could say about some of the Forex merchants who were draconian.
The link I was going to send you would have got you a free Revolut card to use in shops and to get currency from the hole in the wall. I had to pay for mine but not too much.

Oh! A freebee ! How kind ! My phone no coming up asap. As I say, I can szee how their sign-up system is set up. It’s just taking a few runs at it to get all the way thru’

But I now have someone called ‘Dave’ trying to help. Vamos a ver

No, I’d just graduated from reading Pippin then. Is Revolut better than Transferwise @graham ?

I believe so @amanda1
currently offering 1.0898

Amanda and all. I took the tip from Graham Lees and signed up with Revolut. Those who get steamed up by banking internet sign-ups, look away - in fact saunter off - now. It’ll save you kernipshins.

The system is straightforward. However, you may find it refuses to progress at certain points, just to annoy you.

For example, it took 5-6 goes at entering the initiation code sent by SMS to get things going.

Then, having filled in my address and post code, when I was asked for my p/c again, as registered at my bank, it refused to accept it. The system didn’t seem to mind me taking multiple goes at this, unlike some which do 3 strikes and you’re blocked. I then had a silly idea. Why don’t I try the last UK postcode I had before changing my address with the bank to my Spanish one? It worked! It shouldn’y have but it did.

I did try to get help from ‘chat’. The auto-chat failed completely. It gave me a link to a live person chat. That took 10 mins to produce ‘Dave’. I don’t believe ‘Dave’ was any more ‘Dave’ than I am Chaing Kai Chek. Like a lodger I had, who became ‘Ben’, Dave was a the nom de guerre of a Chinese person.

‘Dave’ got completely the wrong end of the stick at first. When I spelled it out again he went off to consult ‘Pete’ and ‘Mary’. He was gone so long that I reversed back up the system and went again - and progressed. ‘Dave’ was gone so long I ended the chat. Some time later I got a message from him telling me that I was all signed up and good to go. I already knew that.

But still. It’s done and indeed the rate on £1000 is €50 better, as per Graham’s rates above, than my usual [former?] mob.

And to round off the cheery news, Barnier has the pox! What price now an extension of The Implementation Period. Prayer mat out. I need one.


We have switched to using Revolut for all banking other than savings and hold a little of £ & € - it is a very good service. I like that whenever you use the card you get a message and you have full control of the card to change pin, freeze it, enable contactless, online & arm - all controlled via the app.

It is very simple to send funds to other Revolut holders, you don’t even need their bank details if you have them as a contact.


Excellent. I look forward to a regular bung … :smile: