Strimmer line

I thought it was that le Pen did not want dual nationality - you could become french, but not keep uk nationality. Still, she’s back in her box for a bit. Shame that so many rural communities are so right wing, it’s not too bad where I am, but it’s there.

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Agreed. Just a thought. Some advice I was given by a friend when I said I couldn’t follow the young ophthalmologist who was rattling on. She suggested tape recording the next appointment so I could play it back afterwards. So that’s what I asked the young doctor the next time I saw him, who promptly spoke perfect English and said he would be happy to explain in English, which he did.

Specialists / consultants can be reluctant to acknowledge they speak English because either (a) they don’t want to look foolish (they take themselves very seriously) or (b) they want to make sure they are explaining accurately, which they may feel they cannot do in English.

At the very least, I hope he/she wrote things down for you.

My friend also reminded me that it is MY body and MY right to know exactly what is being done to it, so if I need to be a bit tough / ask too many questions/ seem to be an awkward Englishwoman so be it. I think she gave me good advice.


That’s a really good idea. The dental-surgeon would be amenable too, I’m sure.

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Hello everyone, interesting line discussion. I’ve used the blade and that’s fantastic but as stated can be dangerous. One suggestion I’ve used was to use square line as opposed to round.