Supermarkets to stop issuing receipts

If it’s never in our favour how can I win some? It’s all lose-lose :confused:

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How terrible it must be to always be so unlucky but since it is always your OH who checks the centimes, how can you be so certain you’ve never been on the up side?
Not that I’m saying he’s dishonest, you understand…

True…but he is quite an honest soul so he probably would own up (edit…to me, not the supermarket :wink:)

I wouldn’t!
They can afford it more than I can :wink:

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If they feel that strongly about the environment, perhaps they would be better planting a few trees in each department and cutting back on the unnecessary packaging everything comes in these days.


That’s the very reason we use our local fruit and veg shop and the market.
That said, I think the supermarkets are making some headway towards cutting back on packaging but one has to remember that they are simply the merchant in the chain of events, and it is the manufacturer who perhaps should control the reduction in the packaging of their product but the consumer still has a part to play in all of this and is not absolved of some responsibility whilst they demand better and more detailed information on the produce. It’s a fine balance, isn’t it, between the need for information, making the product look “attractive” to the consumer and the environmental issues.

I didn’t get any choccies for Mother’s Day. It was too close to our wedding anniversary so he bought a strelitzia instead.


They use grade 1 plastic, but our recyclers don’t take grade 1 unless it is a bottle.
Talk about being behind the times.

Wasn’t there a time when it was suggested that all supermarket packaging should just be returned to the merchant who supplied it in an effort to focus minds on the issue?
Still love the old sarsaparilla bottles and ginger plants my mum used when I were a young lad… and milk in returnable bottles on the doorstep.

I didn’t like the two alsations across the road in Headley which it seemed couldn’t get used to the milkman at 5.30 and barked liked mad every morning.

cynical but true, we’ve had this occur on more than one occasion at our U…and never an apology …but we are only customers.

you are right, data on even anonymous activity is liquid gold…but the millions of users of Facebook, Instagram et al SM chose to ignore this. I only WhatsApp and that’s solely to get free calling and video to the kids…otherwise it wouldn’t be on my device,
I trust SF is whiter than white over this being small

seems like I set a real hare running… .generally I think the tills are pretty accurate…more about having to either remember to now ask for paper receipts or sign for a loyalty card to get receipts emailed…I don’t object in principal to paperless transactions its what happens once you have (had to) sign up for a card account so become a validated target customer. As I said its win win for stores, cuts cost and gives them a big reservoir of validated customers to mail which a consumer has to regularly opt out of.

The only thing that V gets from her loyalty cards is info on promos by email (they don’t have her mobile number - she didn’t provide that) and at the bottom of the email is the option to unsubscribe which, AFASK is only required once to be effective.
She wouldn’t call them “intrusive” as it’s so easy just to swipe them away if of no interest but occasionally they alert her to something which could be…
As someone else in this topic said, she keeps a separate email addy for these sorts of things so they are separated from the important stuff.

At Leroy Merlin after the tills you can get a printed facture by scanning your receipt - you can then get it emailed… I however just want it emailed, I don’t want the paper copy… Hopefully this functionality will be changed.

and a printed guarantee where applicable presumably…

I don’t find SuperU that intrusive - in fact I only get an email about once a year. Obviously don’t know if they have sold my details on to some other marketing company, but they say they don’t.

We save up the little bonuses we get throughout the year, and that usually adds up to the big New Year shop. And generally the Thursday gifts are ok…pack of flour, milk and jam for chandelier, a bottle of cider for something else, reasonably designed Christmas baubles are the ones I can remember.

Yes, I’ve noticed this. Apple have been doing it for years. We do have Carrefour cards so no problem there but for random purchases I’d recommend setting up a new email address just for receipts and printing it on a card and flashing it to the checkout folk.

I think it’s a great idea, my bag is full of receipts!
I would also propose that they stop delivering the wad of advertising material that I receive rammed in my mailbox every Monday :grimacing:

You can get a stick for your mailbox for that from somewhere like LeClerc