Survive France Cycling Challenge anyone?

Orange squash!! “I’m only here for the beer”

Maybe Naty and I can provide the lunches (a baguette with a slice of ham and a packet of “Bien Vu” crisps and a carton of “Bien Vu” orange squash), the participants bring a sleeping bag and doss down in the hedge, wash in the canal and we charge 3000€ per head? Well we have been exploring ways of making SFN pay…

Maybe we can find people to put us up along the route? Or a sponsor.

Monday: Sète - Agde/Cap d’Agde (approx. 35 km/22 miles)
Your itinerary will take you on a beach road all the way to Cap d’Agde. Sitting on a geological fault, Agde has been built with black volcanic rock, making this town so singular and so different from its neighbouring towns. There, be sure not to miss the old quarter and its cathedral. A few pedal strokes further, and you’ll be in the village of Cap d’Agde where you’ll overnight.

Tuesday: Cap d’Agde - Bèziers (approx. 30km/19 miles)
The canal will show you the way. With few lunch options along the way, you can opt to picnic along the canal watching the intricate choreography between the barge traffic and the canal’s lock system. We’ve kept today’s mileage low allowing you to arrive early in Béziers. With more than 6,500 years of history, Béziers is one of the oldest towns on the Mediterranean ring and offers many sites of interest including its 15th century Cathedral dedicated to Saint-Nazaire.

Wednesday: Bèziers - Narbonne (approx. 50 km/31 miles)
Your ride will take you over the river Orb. Further on, the “oppidum of Enserune,” is a testimony to the importance of this region as a crossroad–as shown by the number of pre-roman artefacts from all corners of the Mediterranean ring that have been found there. Further on, Capestang and its imposing Gothic church is worth a stop. Don’t think you have to see it all. Because it’s your tour you’ll decide which suggested attractions to explore or pass. Cycling through vineyards, you will soon reach Narbonne, your final destination.

Thursday: Narbonne – Homps (approx. 45 km/28 miles)
If you haven’t had a chance to visit Narbonne the day before, be sure to do so before hopping on your bike. This place of importance on the route to Spain since Roman times offers many sites of interest, including its medieval cathedral and Archbishop Palace (Palais des Archeveques). The first part of your trip will be done cycling along the Canal de la Robine, a canal that runs perpendicular to the Canal du Midi and links Narbonne to the Mediterranean Sea, then it’s on to the Canal du Midi following quiet roads all the way to the small village of Homps where you’ll overnight.

Friday: Homps - Carcassonne (approx. 50 km/31 miles)
Your destination is the medieval city of Carcassonne. This fascinating walled town with its 2 circular walls and huge medieval fortress–the largest in Europe–was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1997. Before getting there, you’ll ride along the canal through picturesque villages that offer many lunch options. You can choose to spend a three-hour lunch at an outdoor café or rush to arrive early to Carcassonne.

That’s three of us then.

Phil, I like the sound of cycling the canal to Bordeaux. So I’m in :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback you guys & gal. The idea in principle is simple…the logistics a very different story!!

Car packed, but tidying up / cleaning…long way to go still, new “disappearing act” scheduled for noon!



Hi Phil

Had some friends who cycled the canal and I quite fancy that one. Would need some preparation though. Not sure if I could get the OH involved, except maybe as back up vehicle with all the gear.

Talk soon

Will chat again in Devon! Bon Voyage!!!

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