Swapping licence for a French one

Licence arrived today. Expires in 2035, around my 82nd birthday :slightly_smiling_face: So that’s worked out fine, eventually.


Congratulations on finally getting your license exchanged.
We were sure it was never going to happen for us. Pennsylvania licenses are exchangeable for French ones and we started the paper process in January 2019. In July of this year we got our dossiers back from the ANTS in Nantes along with a letter that basically said: We don’t do this with paper anymore, do it on line. Hearts sank, but we did scanned the relevant docs, got another certification from PA that we didn’t have any violations and that we still had the right to drive, scanned that, and waited.
Two weeks ago we got a notice to send in our original licenses (now expired, so our fingers were crossed). This week we got emails saying that our new French licenses were in ‘fabrication’ and would be with us in 15 days.
As long as La Poste doesn’t mess up, all will be good. And I’ll may renew my PA license on line when it expires next year.
We are really fortunate in that PA, unlike California and a couple of other US states has a reciprocal exchange with France. Wasn’t looking forward to the expense of taking a driving course here and being told that my driving skills were rubbish.

I followed exactly the same route as you Sam. Bit of a marathon.

I have to retract that statement. Unlike when one is vainly trying to get a compulsory appointment to renew a license, they issued the attestation in no time at all.

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We now have our Permis de Conduire!
So I can ditch all the caution I was using driving on my Pennsylvania license: I can text, smoke, wave my hands around, eat sandwiches, swear at other drivers, and park anywhere, just like the French.

And La Poste didn’t mess up(well, a little bit as we got texts after the Permis were delivered saying that they were on their way).


Wellcome to the club Sam :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, John.
Mine expires the same year.
When you finally got your Permis de Conduire did you tell your French auto insurance company? I’m asking because when MAIF wrote our policy in 2019 we still had Pennsylvania licenses and they noted that on the application.

Our insurance folk took a photocopy of both of our newly acquired French Permis de Conduire for their files… and congratulated us… :hugs:

So, I reckon your insurance folk should be brought up to date with your situation… :wink:

I was changing from one EU license to another Sam so I won’t bother to update them. Normally an insurance policy just says you must have a valid license and not be disqualified from driving. If I was you though, I would let them know, you might even currently have a loading which would make the policy a bit cheaper for you.

I wouldn’t disagree with Stella, just I’m lazier. It certainly can’t do any harm to inform them.