Taking the waters…

Revel in it! What a treat to look forward to during a trying day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds more like a brothel than thermes!


Dax is on our list, so do keep saying how it’s going.

I always thought it was a cover up for something.
Perhaps the almost constant presence of plain clothes police watching the comings and goings from a safe distance was a clue :wink:

Before we moved here full time on the journey down we sometimes stayed at a dog friendly place in Chartres. One major driving reason was my desire to acquire a religious statue of le philosophe that I’d seen a souvenir shop that had been closed. the statue reminded me of de Chirico painting, but sadly they never had another. Sadly the de Chirico isn’t available online either, but it’s basically a seated robed figure whose head is obscured within a cloud

On a less metaphysical level, it was also fascinating to follow the progressive cleaning of the cathedral’s interior so that eventually on got an impression of how it must have looked centuries ago before the stone turned black.

OK, cultural bit over and done. The reason for posting on this thread is that we used to stay in a dog friendly place in Chartres that had a sort of gite in its own garden, but to get out to the street, one had to pass through the establishment often surprising various mixed or single sex couples who were relaxing in a yellow Perspex hot tub. Very seedy, but one said “Bonjour” and carried on. Mind you, it caused me to wonder quite why the elaborate hi-tech shower in our gite had over a dozen computerised settings and a video screen…

You mean that’s with the vital card?

Me neither

Anyone can go, but have to pay yourself (or your insurance). If you are in the French Health system, with a carte vitale, then you get a contribution to the cost.