Tax Identification number

Alice - in that case your Numero Fiscale (French Tax ID number) is on your Taxe d'Hab and Taxe Fonc bills (Avis).

Thanks for all the input, we've been paying the taxe fonciere since we bought the house in 2007 and have paid the d'habitation when we've not had tenants in it. I dont get a pension yet, just my husbands for now, we're not state pensionable age yet.

So really I'd better call my UK bank to clarify I guess!

Ok Simon, perhaps rules changed re the date or is it just the Hab & Fonc taxes that use whole year. Perhaps Alice is going to have a Uk pension paid into her UK bank then, that’s the only reason I can think why a UK bank would want a NI number in preference to a Registered Tax no, as she has moved abroad! If I wasn’t in receipt of UK state Pension, on arrival here nobody but the UK tax office would have known my NI No.

all I said though about the banks does come into play these days. look at the security and other hoops you have to jump through these days if talking to your Banks Call centre. They have to be very careful now. If you want to set up a new online payment, the who, where and why? It applies equally to me for UK and French accounts.

You think there is no passing or checking of info these days? ok it may be random, like VAT officer visits used to be in UK, to make sure VAT declarations tallied with your office records! We had one such visit, several years ago, with about 2/3 days notice.

Yes Shirley I know! Sue said she gave her NI number to her UK bank - that has got nothing to do with France.

John / Simon, Bank R&R’s now! ? For tax avoidance/evasion purposes, they can and/must give details to HMRC who may collaborate with France and other European countries, possibly one of the EU regulations.

Woops not strictly correct Shirley. Alice's first declaration will be in May 2016 as she is already resident during 2015. Part years must also be declared on a pro-rata basis - there are no periods of 'grace'....

Alice, when you go your local Hotel des Finances (impots/ Tax office) to register your new French address, the number you are given will be called a Numero Fiscal - mine comprises 13 numbers in blocks, followed by a letter. it will be on your 1st . Blue? Declaration Form and you also have to complete a pink Form for ‘etrangers’ - strangers. As others have said, you’ll probably be allocated one when you visit them.

Your 1st French Tax declaration won’t be due till 2017, as you will have then been resident in France for full fiscal year of 2016.

Me too Simon. If a UK bank had wanted a NI number that’s what they would have asked for. I presume that the number that they want confirms that the account holder is resident in France for tax purposes.

Woops! I thought Alice meant a French tax number - my apologies.

I too had this request. I rang the bank and was told to use my NI number.

The first confirmation of your tax identification number (numéro fiscale) may come from your first Taxe Foncière or Taxe d’Habitation bill. You won’t make your first Income Tax declaration until next May and you won’t receive your first demand until at least next August.
Alternatively just pop down to your local tax office and ask them for a number.

Will it be the tax identification number that you receive with your demand for payment in response to making a tax declaration in France? If so you will not know it until after you have filled in and sent off your first tax return.

I have UK as well as French bank accounts … never heard of a TI.