TfL UK robbery

It’s a horrible situation to be in but why would you think that a purely French scheme had any application outside of its borders?


That’s the bit I don’t get. If you were “sure” the crit’air was ok that implies you looked into it. And there is nothing I can find that says that.


Diesel cars need to be Euro 6 to meet ULEZ rules in London.

You are where you are Phil. Forget the past and get onto this Facebook group and start fighting back :slightly_smiling_face: You’re not on your own, it has 1400 members.


Surely these certificates are Europe wide. Each country issues its own certification, but recognises the validity of other countries. Like car insurance, driver licenses vehicle registration and even the Euro currency.

And don’t risk taking that car to the UK again.

This is one of those threads where I sit on my hands and bite my tongue so as not to add to the OPs very frustrating predicament, kick a man when he’s down so to speak, but the temptation to change the thread title from ‘TfL UK robbery’ to ‘I didn’t understand my responsibilities and now find myself in a very unfortunate situation of my own making’ is there in the background :see_no_evil: I try to preach kindness and compassion though so I shall :zipper_mouth_face:, not least as these parking/ enforcement firms are absolute scum and everyone should fight back.


How about taxis?

They’re exempt from ULEZ rules.

My understanding your so called “debt” cannot be enforced in France now. Since Brexit, I believe, there is no EU/UK reciprocal enforcement procedure for civil debts in respective countries. I consider this is just a bullying try on and you should, if you think fit, make enquiry in the first instance to EU inquiry office in Brussels to confirm the position now.

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David, Interested in your reply indicating there is possibly a new accord between UK & EU to enforce respective civil debts. I thought otherwise since Brexit and, as this is “the crux of the matter” here can you provide any more information or reference please ?

Clearly they don’t

Which is why Stephen Fry bought one.

Errr, no, they are/do not.

Even if they were, automatic inclusion or continued participation of the UK in such schemes is no longer to be taken for granted. At one point it even looked like UK driving licences would not be valid without an IDP - every thing needed to be (re)negotiated afresh.

It’s aimed at the camping car community but there is a useful and reasonably up to date summary of the various clean air schemes here:

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Amen to that, but in this case they may well have broken data privacy laws, so the potential for kicking them in the goolies is encouraging.


Yes, that’s a bit objectionable, isn’t it? Michael O’Leary’s car has a taxi plate too, so he can use bus lanes.

Lots of the plutocrats in London are on to that one

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This I 100% agree with! Also that one should try to be kind where possible, but my tongue sometimes rebels at being bitten :neutral_face:

Up to a certain age, l think its 12 years.

That’s useful to know, it’s an uncoordinated mess. And back to a previous discussion, what happens if your Crit’ air and your Umweltplakette (or whatever) are meant to be in the same place on the windscreen. There’s a dillemma :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Perhaps, but it sounds like the sort of thing that would need a court case, lawyers and €€€’s to defend yourself.

A bit, I suppose. It’s the same logic that leads “everyone” on Sark to be driving around in tractors whether or not they are farmers.

Something I missed previously, and which could be parf of the reason that Phil got confused:

Crit’air does not give you “right of passage” even in French cities - true you will be fined if not displaying one but their purpose is to identify the degree of pollution emitted by your vehicle. If you drive a car which is “too polluting” into a French clean air zone when restrictions are in place you will still be fined, Crit’Air or not (if not you’ll probably be fined for entering the zone *and* separately for not displaying the sticker).

The London ULEZ exempts only Euro 6 diesel vehicles (it’s Euro 4 & above for petrol) - so you were liable for the charge I’m afraid.