The saga of registering my car continues, need some advice

(Mark Rimmer) #21

Not too bad! One of the rear number plate lights is not working, evidence of rust underneath but nothing too serious. The last 2 refer to slight oil leaks from the engine & gearbox. This could be just spilt oil or evidence of a small leak - not a problem at the moment but the new CT rules will mean that this could be a failure next time depending on how serious it is.

(Mike Lovatt) #22

Thanks again Mark!

I’ve got my Quitus Fiscal and I’m now trying to get on the ANTS website.

I’ve tried using both LaPoste (who verified my passport on Friday) and now the Mobile Connect et Moi from Orange to sign in to the ANTS website and neither are working.

I get the following error message -

Code erreur 12. Merci de vérifier que l’identité du profil du compte utilisé corresponde à votre acte de naissance (nom de naissance, prénoms, date et lieu de naissance).

All my details are correct, verified and identical to my details on the ANTS site. Has anyone else had this issue?

(anon54681821) #23

the website works at best a third of the time. try from a fixed computer if your not already and as they say try try try again. we did one last week took about 30 attempts to log on.

(anon54681821) #24

also the laposte can take a couple of days and its the weekend…

(jacqueline barnsley) #25

I have been going through the same process as Mike and have the same error 12 , one site asks for birth name and the other doesn’t so they never be compatible either, The La poste link to france connect will not work according to our prefecture who told us to do that in the first place, but as we are not on tax system here yet or Ameli the Laposte was only option… At last visit of six to prefecture they gave us a leaflet with instructions on how to access france connect using a tax payer or someone with Ameli to log in with their ID numbers so we will be doing that .
Its a bit like fighting with a cloud, in that its impossible to get to grips with it, also as the prefecture are in the dark regarding the workings of the system . I think it will be a while until its all sorted

(Martin Gray) #26

@jacqueline_barnsley, I went through the same. In the FAQ on the ANTs site it dies say that FranceConnect will only work for French nationals and those on the Socuake Securitie register. Like you I am not yet recorded in the Govt social security register. I tried my La Poste account and a “mobile et moi” account, both failed withh the unhelpful “Erreur 12”. Finally, I found the comments on the ANTS site and at the “mobile et moi” website; it was not going to work for me until some time much later on.
I used a local (ish) professionel, the 2 nearest ones had refused to try -they had issues with the nirmal stuff. The 3rd was wiling to try it out, he had never done a foreign vehicle before.
Once you get a way into the system, profesdionel or friend’s account, it is straightforward. So long as you do g ave the required documentation. I had planned ahead and already had french versions of the Certificates of Conformity and I changed the head lights and rear fog light before a controle technique.
All the requested documents need to be scanned and uploaded, the scans must be less than 1Mb in size. If a friend/neighbour applies on your behalf you need to diwnliad and both sign a mandate, scan and upload.
Once everything has been uploaded it should be visible online to the person making the application for a short while. It seems that it will then disappear from their online account. That is good news, someone will have started to look at it. Sometime over the next 2-4 weeks it will re-appear in their account online. There will be no email or letter in the post. If all has gone well there will be a demand for payment. Once paid online a provisional carte grise can be downloaded and printed. New plates can be bought using the provisional carte grise. The proper one will comein the post 2-4 working days later.
The online application is poorly written, in my view. It probably fulfils the design brief but with no thought to usability.

(jacqueline barnsley) #27

I have printed off the Mandate from, the link you posted on the other thread and will upload that,all other have been done apart from the CoC which we were originally told we did not need but that was from someone who did his before the changeover…in hindsight we should have just sent for one,but hindsight is a wonderful thing eh!!

(Martin Gray) #28

You can try without the CoC. If the details are correctly recorded on the UK V5C, the CoC may not be required. You could try without but be prepared to be asked for it.