The state of the Union

Just for the record, I’m pro-independence, but whether heading down that route is economically sound is a whole other question. I’d prefer the ducks were aligned first.

As I understand things Scotland may not be able to apply to join the EU until it is an independent country which is going to take years, thereafter there is a wait of around four years before it can be fully accepted as a member. Just like with Brexit people will assume that once the vote has happened that’s it but they will be in for a shock.

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Macron is blocking macadonia ( spelt wrong I think) and a couple of other countries from joining, I totally support him, make the EU work as a Union first it should never have grown this big this quick. It should have been the biggest 5 countries including the Uk, and only add one more every 5 years if their economies were aligned but they fudged the data and let anyone in.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that France also opposed the early admission to the EU of the first wave of former communist countries in Eastern Europe - and that the leading advocate of this was the UK (led by Thatcher) - and that France used to the maximum the transition arrangements to curtail immigration from these countries, whereas the UK under Thatcher and all subsequent governments did nothing to curtail this - until it was too late.

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The EU was so desperate to get à barrier in between them and Russia, but all that’s happened is these counties have received the EU money but don’t really contribute. Why should richer countries support the poorer with money, yes help them by education and better ways of doing things.
It was blair that opened the doors straight away whilst many countries went for the 6 year delay, one million poles alone, but they were people who wanted to work unlike the Romanians and Bulgarians, all we ended up doing is putting too much strain on the hospitals, roads schools and we are still suffering from this. Hence the brexit problem.
I’m surprised the site has let political discussion flow, normally nothing anti EU or anti Labour, much better to allow discussion as long as not slagging people off.

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But your post does slag off ‘Romanians and Bulgarians’ Barrie.
Don’t you understand that any disparagement of whole nationalities is going to be extremely provocative on a forum like this - where most people are themselves immigrants?


I wasn’t just saying most of them came for the handouts, nothing against the people as a whole.

So what brought you to France?

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No for handouts, we had 3 years just working on the house and spending, it was only when the money got low I started working. I know that you don’t like anything anti France or Europe so I’ll stop this discussion here, but I’ve never claimed a penny in my life from any country.

Hopefully, people will be better informed from now on in…

Who can truly believe that one waves a wand and “hey presto” agreements are agreed, treaties are signed, money appears from nowhere and everyone lives happily ever after… :rofl: :wink:

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Back on topic - I also find it odd that many people in Wales think it wouldn’t be independently viable because of its size - there are around 20 smaller countries in Europe, and around 50 in the world.
Lots of ifs - but I wonder if Scotland becomes prosperous as an independent country, and Ireland as a re-united country, whether Welsh opinion would also change?

I imagine that you would love to see Wales become a financial centre such as Luxembourg to survive!

Whilst there are some very nice Romanians round here who work hard, I am sorry to say that round the main memory is that of a night a few years ago when 11 houses in the next village were burgled whilst people slept.
They took my friend’s computer and her handbag and because they were stupid enough to use her credit card, they were caught in south Lyon. They must have ‘cased the joint’ as they say and it is easy to go on the N79 and then the A6.
We installed a roller shutter on our back door after that.

While still in Scotland, I have seen first hand very hard working Romanians and Bulgarians. They did not come for the handouts, but to make money. To send home or to establish a new life in the UK. Just like you did in France apparently.
But also quite a few were totally abused by gangmasters, not unlike people traffickers. Bringing them over with the promise of rainbows and unicorns, charging a fortune for transport, substandard living and docking of wages for ‘paperwork’.
Yes - there are beggars on the streets which are of Roma decent, they have never had a chance in this world, no schooling, substandard housing and nearly 90% unemployment. They do not know better than to beg… But given a chance, and some help they are just like you and me - hoping and working for a better future for their families


Yes thank god labour lost, all those dreams they had.

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:crazy_face: My comment applies to ALL political parties and all countries… :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Not sure that there is any evidence that they will be.

It is not just that politicians lie, it is that the electorate positively welcome it and reward them for doing so, the truth effectively becomes the enemy.


I don’t think it’s Wales’ size that’s the problem. It’s its economy.

Not quite the case, it is the unremitting nature of your criticism of and obvious dislike for my country, its people, its culture and institutions which makes me wonder why you chose to live in it.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense (why would someone choose to live somewhere they think so horrible) and as a French person I feel the sweeping generalisations about us are a bit unpleasant, really.

Obviously some of us may well be as you have described us in many different posts, but if so we evidently don’t have the same circle of acquaintance (and I must say I am glad about that).


But, as with Scotland, weaknesses in the economy can’t be legitimately used as an argument against independence, can they? - obviously, those weaknesses have been created, or at least remained unresolved, precisely within the union with England.