Carol, all the details are on the SF classified ad here:

Hope that helps.

I'm agog as well! I was amazed when my French friend told me she had one (only 2 of them chez elle) but it made a bit more sense when she explained that she shared it with her daughter who lives next door. Then I heard of several more people in their social circle who had one. They are sold at parties - a bit like Tupperware - so maybe people find it hard to 'resist'? Apparently a two-hour demo is included in the cost... that would put me off as much as the price!

Nola hope i didnt sound rude its just that i enjoy cooking and cant abide the ready meals that just require a micro wave we have a friend who has never cooked all her married life and lives off packets, for a little bit of effort so much enjoyment can be had, i admit i am a messy cook and use every utensil in the draw if i bake bread the kitchen looks like a flour mill according to my wife, i used a blender to chop up chestnuts at christmas it was more trouble than enough by the time i got it out assembled and connected up i could have done the job ok a blender for the soups is good

I have an old Kenwood that mixes and liquidises, came free with a TV about 20 years ago. My DIL wants one of the super duper £500 ones....but really....not sure you need one....too easy to throw money at machines and never use the blinking things!

I too am agog with the price, and wonder what all the fuss is about.......

No John, my mil cooks like billyho, but at 80 she is less adept at chopping or standing stirring for ages. Me, I cook like billyho too, but I certainly enjoyed playing with her thermomix!

I'd never heard of the Thermomix and at €1000 or pounds or whatever I'm not likely to ever buy one either.

Sorry ladies but my mother taught me to cook, perhaps thats why French cooking has gone down the pan you dont need to cook anymore just throw it in a machine

I never burn sauces... not since I discovered LeClerc sell a very good ready-made Bechamel. Lazy, moi aussi! lol

I lust after a thermomix after having played with my MIL's new gadget. My sister has had one for nearly 20 years and it's still going strong. Like anything, it's only worth it if you use the damn thing. I bought a cheapo substitute in Cdiscount that went bang 3 months into the guarantee. I'm very good at burning sauces and love that you can chuck everything into the thermomix and it will chop, mix and heat all by itself: lazy, moi?