Third Night of High Winds

It’s probably arises from tectonic plate movement from when Pangea broke up? But saying that I maybe wrong, as soils through climate, vegetation changes etc & wind patterns will have changed but Burmuda would have come from what is Africa to day.

Ha! T’aint but a soldier’s gale! * I love a nice, big, wet S.G.9, increasing S.F. 10. And at my boatyard on the Tamar, boy, did we get them! Howling up the valley like they wuz goin’ to rip the tors off Bodmin.

You have all read, in the books on lusty seafaring, Capt Horation Hornblower 'n all, how the wind was ‘shrieking in the rigging’. And shriek it does. Like a demented demon, is how it shrieks. Now imagine the racket of 45-50 sets of rigging shrieking ,out on the hard, outside my bedroom window.

After I got used to them not falling over because we chocked 'em up proper, I used to lie there and enjoy the noise. I miss it to this day, almost 30 years later.

One time I measured G.F. 8 for 36 hrs continuous. I’ve seen a 10’ GrP dinghy picked up and sent flying as if it was a leaf. The waves, on a flood tide driven by the wind, broke clear over the slipway. You could stand there and watch them go over you and hardly get wet.

Of course, it’s on nights like that you get called out. A PC was stood at my door, streaming wet. “Reports someone in the river. Can we go out and look for 'ee?” Well, you don’t say “Tis Mastermind. Come back in half an hr.”

Horizontal rain, bow being thrown to the sky on each wave. We found him. My boatwright chippie. He’d gone out to nip up his mooring, been thrown against the thwart and got a dead arm - totally useless.

The proverbial man walking his dog - ex-policeman - saw a light flashing from the river, called ModPlod at the RN Dockyard.

  • A soldier’s gale is F.6. When it gets to 6 the soldiery say, “Cor! Lumme! Blowin’ a gale!” No. You got a bit to go to get to G.F.8.
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Crazy weather days continuing here - we had the French doors into our sunny courtyard thrown open all afternoon yesterday - in FEBRUARY!

And here too Geof. Temperature over 20 yesterday. Doors open. Lovely - but worrying.

yep… here too… windows open and no heating (after the CH switched off at 10am)…

but, we used to enjoy days like that in December, even at Christmas, in the good old days… and, of course, the next day we would have snow… :hugs: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: