TM calls out Trump's racist bigotry

they call me yellow mellow :yellow_circle:

Wonderful, very fitting too. :hugs:

Do you think @Jane_Williamson would take it in the right spirit to be assigned the affectionate tag “mellow bellow” ? :innocent:

Actually, I’ve just realised it should be mellow yellow…

So sweet!

Perhaps the last chord should be struck by Donovan? You may agree that we have mined as much as is safe of this particularly rewarding seam, Graham…the pit-props are beginning to creak and groan…:up::soon::arrow_heading_up::top::free:

You two remind me of Bernard Cribbins and his digging

more work…

Workers of the world - Unite

is that what you call thread drift? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There was a window cleaner at our Girls’ Grammar School in Lancaster that looked the spitting image of Donovan.

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We were just “giggling” about the hole the boys were digging themselves into.

Ahem… I am now sufficiently chastened.

This Thread raises important points and asks important questions. I don’t think there is an easy answer or “fix” to racism and bigotry. We can only keep fighting it, where ever and whenever we can.

And we had plans to build a man shed in the hole to which ladies would be admitted by invitation only, wearing gumboots, overalls, a cloth cap, and smoking Capstan Full Strength without filters or (by prior arrangement) a stubby pipe.

We’ll never properly understand the fair sex, bless 'em!

I wager that job attracted 10,000 young applicants with their tongues hanging out at the Labour Exchange, Jane…

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