Travel insurance for trip to the USA

Thanks, John. Will have a look at Que Choiser. We’re resident in France, which is why the US travel insurance hunt is more difficult. It’s a much simpler task when travelling from the UK, as it’s fairly automatic for the Brits to buy travel insurance before any holidays, so there’s lots of choice.
The positive aspect of being resident in France and travelling to any other European country is that a lot of things are covered by either our car insurance, or our house insurance, which isn’t usually the case in the UK.

I beg to differ there but we won’t dwell on it. I suppose banking with CA for over 32 years makes me defend them.

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Yes, ‘Land of the Free’, until it comes to needing medical treatment!

Or indeed EHIC/GHIC.

Wow!! :face_holding_back_tears:

Yes and the cat cost $9000 for an op to remove kidney stones stuck in his willy last year and a lot more than that when her chihuaha cross had a back problem and had to be operated on. She now has pet insurance for all the animals.

We’ve yet to encounter a doctor who will accept an EHIC as payment.

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I’d be more worried about the progeny of a cat crossed with a chihuahua…


I got trench mouth in the States. I was treated by the Dental school in Boston, which entailed daily visits of about an hour for some three weeks. My mother (a dentist) was impressed and felt this good care saved my teeth.

It cost absolutely nothing.


Oh, I’m sure that’s true, but it’s only 25 quid. I’m not even sure how it would work as many of them (if not all perhaps) are “sole traders” so who would they claim the fees back from? I think I’d only produce an EHIC in a hospital, and probably only a state run one at that. Otherwise I guess it’s into claim it back territory.

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Crossing my legs in sympathy here… :slight_smile:

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