Treating/reviving French wooden floors

l used Osmo Polyx Oil. it gave an excellent finish and is hard wearing.

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In all probability removing the accumulated dirt of the passing years will lessen the colour difference and make the damage less noticeable. The cleaning will also give you a good adherence base for whatever further remedial work you decide upon.

Apologies for the delay and thank you for the suggestions.

Having cleaned one of the floors well, it seems that the wood is either naturally dark or perhaps stained, but no old wax or varnish that I noticed. I have started to trial boiled linseed oil in an inconspicuous area which is looking lovely after 3 coats and goes on a treat.

I may well hard wax it afterwards but will see how it goes as the house doesn’t have high usage so little wear and tear, and I could use the pennys elsewhere atm.

Thanks again for letting me pick your brains :blush:

Linseed oil gives a really attractive finish. I have noticed its generally cheaper to buy from supermarket chains than from Brico. However the linseed oil finish on your floor would need to dry out extensively, probably over some years, before it would be possible to apply a different treatment like hard wax, since those also depend for effectiveness on penetration, so work best on untreated wood.

I tried linseed oil on something - can’t remember what. The ants loved it - so I stopped using it. :frowning_face:

Good to know. I think waxing would be a way off so should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

If you add sicatif to the linseed oil, it accelerates the drying time enormously. Saying that, to add another finish on top, you would still have to wait some time.

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it’s the thing for cricket bat maintenance. Once the bat has been left outside a few times and has dried then insects are not a problem

Oh that takes me back… used linseed oil on my hockey sticks… which are still at hand in case of burglars… :wink:

As a floor restoration company avoid linseed oil at all costs it won’t cure on old finishes and to be to the right ratio for different woods and takes time to cure (there are better options ).

It doesn’t last goes black over time on oak it’s cheap but not effective it was used to reduce wood worm issues but better options out there now.

The main thing to note a clean floor is great but unless you sand back that old finishes you be cleaning a lot more than needed opening the grain and sending more dirt into the wood.

Sand it seal and easy management follows the only floors here ive not need able to restore have been linseed oil filed floors hard as nails and black as coal lol

Hey, you might still get a short notice call-up from the Commonwealth Games.

Age and experience shouldn’t be sniffed at!

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If you ever need osmo in France again try lame du bois they are a certied osmo reseller so not adding tons to the price. Osmo has got up a lot as oils are gogin up so production has slowed earlier this year and osmo are still caching up. Highly recommend ther omso express oil with harder dries in 2/3 hrs instead of 6/8 for normal osmo oil.