UK ETA ETIAS equivalent

A good clip of the evil lunatic Truss explaining yesterday how “they’re all out to get her”. I think she should be sectioned. Assuming Labour do win next time out, the subsequent Tory soap opera will make compulsive viewing. If Labour don’t win I think the boats on the channel will be coming the other way.

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In case Brits in France were wondering…


It certainly beats filling in the green I-94W cards and being paranoid about losing the stub before leaving the country.


More tax tax tax fees around the world for what we used to do freely.

Free trade (in people as well as goods) breaking down all around the world now, seems to have been kicked off by Trump’s insularity, ends up not getting quality shared and costs everyone more.

Some might even say it’s part of overall moves by the oligarchy to remove democratic freedoms from the majority, who made far too much progress in the West in the last century or so.

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I tried to watch that but she looks demented to me, like some evil goblin waiting to wreak havoc yet again so turned it off. Why have they dug her up again, thought she was finished and gone.

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She is deluded and deranged. Problem is she’s not alone, she’s only a cat’s paw. There’s a lot of evil bastards out there. Good grief! I’m starting to sound like her :joy:

There was a question on the US Etias application, asking ‘are you were planning a terrorist attack on the United States?’ I remember thinking, that’ll catch them out…

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I think she was basically blinded by free market ideology, naive and incompetent. She thought ‘sovereign Britain’ could still do anything it wanted fiscally and global institutions would applaud. Unfortunately, for her and everyone else, we’re now under the control of the bankers.

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And who runs them, yep thats right the Global Left. So she wasnt far wrong in her assumption, and being where she was at the time, I would think she has a better knowledge of the matter than anyone on here could have. She menionted the meeting of the global leftie wet wipes in Montreal, Starmer, Ardern and Trudeau. That trio says it all.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You think bankers are left wing…? F*ck me, you must be deluded or you’re taking the piss to just troll everyone.


Not sure thirld world is the right phrase. Third country perhaps like US etc

It gives them an easy legal reason to arrest you, if it is possible to suggest that you lied on your entry application and have therefore entered illegally.

I would have thought that as an “experienced” politician elevated to the rank of PM (at least, that seems to be how she sees herself), and knowing what she believed to be true, she should have had the nouse to start setting shaping the world in her image without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I don’t get this ‘global left’ business. You can point to just as many right wing governments in power. And I seem to remember Jeremy Corbyn being dumped on from a great height. Was that by the ‘left’.

The world is, and always has been, under the control of wealthy people who don’t have socialist leanings. Or have a missed something?

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Not as deluded as some might think or in other words no more than anyone on here. Trolling is not my forte, unlike some on here.

This is a big thing being peddled by the Tory party. It was Lord Frost in the DT last week. We’re in a mess because of a shadowy left wing conspiracy. Nothing to do with his, and his colleagues’, sheer incompetence. People are buying it.

That’s extremely nuanced for Americans. I’m impressed. Thanks for the insight.

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Come on @Roccam name names. Tell us who exactly this “global left” consists of.

Because as @gareth says if you think those at the top of the banking profession are left wing you need your bumps feeling.

To be honest, I think the whole definition of left and right seems to be out of date now. Who would have thought the Tories and the US republicans would position themselves as parties of the working class - and be widely believed? In any case, the whole thing’s overlaid and complicated by the culture war.

However that positioning is false - the Tories only wish to accelerate the transfer of wealth from the working class to the ultra wealthy, not to make the lot of the working class better.