UK satellite picture problems

It’s well hidden, but it’s 9.99/month after the free trial. Their ts&cs state that they can change the amount or discontinue the service without notice.

That’s really quite expensive for what sounds like a small group of IPTV channels.

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Hi there, Is it a SKY box you’re using. We have the same problem. A bit of atmospheric interference and bang no signal. We overcome it by going on to the number 800 channels. 801 BBC 803 ITV etc. Try it see what happens.

I really wouldn’t trust any company that isn’t upfront about their charges.

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Hello there, I live in the Aveyron and there is a firm in the Tarn (next department) that will solve all your sat problems at a very reasonable price. I’ve used them several times as i have a large family living with me and have three sky boxes. Sky TV and Satellite SKY Installation Service in France ( Ask for Karen WESTBROOK. Even if you don’t buy anything they will advise you.

I wouldn’t trust anyone that provides IPTV and I do use such services :joy:

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Oh I thought it was to the TV, not really interested if not which is why I was thinking of cancelling Netflix before I got the modern TV. Still might anyway, most of it is crap although I have just seen a couple of good films, rare event.

I still have an old Linksys WRT54GL lying around somewhere that I bought specifically to run DD-WRT… happy days!


Indeed… if you’re happy going down the IPTV route, then there are much better packages available for less than that. Or so I’ve heard :wink:

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Just a word of caution here - when you flash a router with DDRT, you are actually replacing it’s firmware so if anything went wrong, you could end up with a brick.

Definitely, though it’s a bit like gambling where you should only use money you can afford to lose.

Haha, Indeed :rofl:

This is true for some routers. Any manufacturer worth it’s salt would make this impossible. None of mine could be bricked.
Edit: Unless you set fire to them of course :wink:

My reply isn’t going to help you much. But a few years ago I installed a satellite dish to try and get British tele, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, and later on it didn’t work any more at all.
Now I’ve given up and only watch French tele. It’s not better than British tele, but it’s not worse either. And it’s more relevant to follow news etc. in the country where you’re living. It surprises me how some expats have been living in France for many years, but they are more up to date about what is going on in the UK than in their home country because they watch British tele.
I know it isn’t easy to watch French tele if your French isn’t that good, but it’s certainly a very good way for your French to get better.

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Depends how old you are and how good your auditory health is.
I had absolutely no problem in 1999 in understanding the instructions as to my next load, over the phone in the cab of my lorry, but trying to keep up now is a nightmare.
Tried 2 different hearing aids, a failed rdv in June last year because the specialist went on hoiliday and the next one not planned until December.
Add to that the fact that not all French programmes have sub-titles (in French) and it is easy to see why I am tied to my Freesat where s/ts are always available but useless on live programmes.


With the roll-out of HD for BBC Regional broadcasting, it seems that BBC1 South HD has, for some reason beyond us mere mortals, been placed all by itself on the Astra 2F satellite (while the others are on Astra 2E) and has a very much weaker signal. If then you are now suffering poor or no reception on channel 101 (meanwhile 801 does not provide local services), AND your Sky or Freesat box is registered at a postcode in that region, you MIGHT be able to restore some HD reception by switching to, for example, Sky or Freesat channel 959 (BBC1 South East HD) . However it’s curtains for news from the Southampton home front! The current very poor reception may be new to some because of these channel changes, but has in fact been an annual cross to bear for many years for those on the fringe.

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All I get on 801 is QVC Beauty, not BBC at all. :astonished:

I have mentioned before that my problems occur only when I switch channels, and by switching up or down one and then back again it is trouble free.

However a new thing has happened in the last few days. 101 now is BBC 1 London, even though I have clearly put my East Midlands postcode into the Manhattan settings. Not a big problem, just an irritation.

If you have the Arris Freesat box, you can select whichever regional BBC channels you like to be on the main BBC channel numbers without having to change the postcode and rescan. I have selected BBC1 SE HD for 101 which seems to be the best where I am.
Currently, there are some HD channels which I still can’t get at all and others which disappear during heavy rain, of which we have had quite a bit recently.
Because I seem to be quite close to the signal cliff here with the equipment I have, I have ordered a new LNB, an Inverto Ultra Quad, which says it’s designed for marginal signal areas and whose spec is very impressive compared to other LNBs. I’ll try it and post my thoughts on it. Also got som better cable than what is currently installed. We’ll see what happens.

Re 801, a wild guess (I know nuffink), you might need to do a software update to bring in the new channels, and action the postcode change. I have however found with my Humax, that you can’t do an upgrade without a good signal - a vicious circle! You should find East Midlands (but probably not any better signal) on 957.

That’s a useful feature. I would be most interested in hear how your revised setup performs. I already have what is supposed to be the best, but it’s getting old, LNB perhaps cooked etc., but I am loath to spend lotsof money on a new one, or a fancy meter, or “get a man in”, when the basic signal strength is just too poor for a few months of the year. Not willing to get a bigger dish than 125cm.