UK TV satellite engineer in the Aude

Hi, would anyone, by any chance, know of a person who adjusts the UK TV satellites for better reception?

I can’t seem to find one using pages Jaime’s etc.

Many thanks


You may not be able to receive a strong enough signal. I live in the PO and we cannot watch UK TV even with an outsize dish. Friends in the Herault can recieve some but not all channels using a very large dish. Things changed when Astra replaced the satellites and altered the beam.


BBC has now switched just about everything to High Definition, which of course requires a stronger signal. I currently have a 1.2metere dish but at the moment can’t get anthing except channels 5 and 4 plus dross of all sorts. I’m told the answer is either a bigger dish, up to 2metres. ITV still has two channels on SD but current weather conditions are causing interference or complete blackout. Ho hum, this is mainly about licensing I think, Why can’t the BBC ITV offer a subscription channel?

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I’m north of Carcassonne with a 1.2m dish and reception has been suffering recently. For me, it’s a combination of crap cable, the usual drop in signal as we approach summer and the switch to all HD for some channels. I still have no issues with any of the SD channels. BTW, do you know there are still SD channels for BBC2 and BBC4 ? One is in the 900s and the other in the high 100s. Also, the best BBC1 HD reception seems to be on BBC1 HD SE. I’ve got new, better quality cable and may go to a 1.5m dish and better LNB if it doesn’t improve enough.

Many thanks for your extremely prompt response and yes HD I think is the cause of the problem as most of the SD channels still work. I know it gets weak in the summer. I have an 1.35 meter dish so I am hoping that it is just the heavy weather that was causing the loss of channels but it is such a bore! I have found all the SD versions on the 900’s, so thank you.

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted here that I didn’t remember my reply would be for all who responded so thank you all.

For some reason last night when I turned on the TV, all the stations were working and though it is usually BBC1 that is the least reliable, I was very amused that it worked so much better after my post!! What you all say is basically that the summer is the worst and this I know.

Finally, I too am in the Carcassonne area, does anyone know of anyone who does adjust the dishes as with the wind, they do sometimes move a tiny bit. The chap I had to do it very unfortunately departed France. Haven’t been able to find anyone since.

Thanks again everyone for all your help.

Hello Pinky, I wondered if your reception for the UK is working better?

We have a humax box in our gite (Lot et Garonne) and a couple of weeks ago it began to play up. Our electrician was visiting last week for something else and tweaked the satellite dish for us but couldn’t get the 2nd tuner to work. Emails to someone who used to install dishes elicited the info that several people he knew were having problems.

We were anticipating replacing our humax box. This morning, it’s working perfectly, both tuners! :grin: I’m glad we didn’t panic buy.

I can’t believe it myself . Yesterday it all worked beautifully - all the stations were wonderfully clear. No idea who or what cured all the problems we both had but I’m thrilled :smile:

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Great, good to hear it. Interestingly, it was because you had posted here and then our satellite friend said several people were having problems that I began to doubt whether it was our box. Possibly something not right with the satellite signal?

It’ll be the atmosphere what done it.
Edit: A lot of it can be due to what is called ‘the cliff’. If you have a great signal, say in the UK, you’re very far away from ‘the cliff’ and so your atmospheric conditions can change dramatically, and you don’t really get close to the cliff edge. If you’re signal is dodgy, say your outside the normal reception area, then your much closer to the cliff edge and a much smaller change in atmospheric conditions can send you over the cliff and you get nothing. That’s the cliff.

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