Unlocked mobile, now what?

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Virgin Mobile have some pretty good sim only, no contract deals on at the moment.

Hi, I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything as regards French Sim’s (I will be reading the other replies with interest as I need to get one for my dual Sim phone). However as regards your UK Sim, as previously indicated it will be more than likely too big. There are a couple of options though. Firstly you could contact your provider and ask for a new Sim of the correct size (you should be able to keep your number). Secondly you could trim down the old one with a craft knife or some really sharp scissors. I have done this successfully before. There are templates for this if you have a nose around on Google. Hope this is of help. Cheers John

Would just like to add, check what providers are available in your location as that can make a difference, where I am we just about get a 2g signal from orange and SFR aren't available at all.

Useful apps like whatsapp seems to work well for keeping in contact and doesn't cost anything like the cost of a text message and pictures can be sent as well.

I was also going to mention free.fr although I still haven't got round to getting one myself as it was hard to find a machine locally so I went for a le clerk card but not the one mentioned earlier. There is another that allows me to call the UK from France for around 4 cents per minute. (Reglo moble)

You got that in before me, exactly. The monthly SIMs are a rip off, my OH lost patience with the low capacity as well since she used 1Gb in no time.

Hilary - don't go down the prepaid SIM card route - that's just throwing money down the drain! Just get the 2€ per month deal from http://mobile.free.fr/ - no contract so works out at 24€ / year so long as you don't exceed the monthly allowances - even then it's cheap as chips.

All operators will provide you with micro SIM cards (small ones) - just call them to ask for one on your existing number.

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Leclerc do a sim car for €7.95/month which gives you 1Gb of data as well as phone. Pick one of those up, stuff it into the phone. 1Gb is fine for casual surfing during the month.

When you first boot up the phone you will be required to either use your current Google account or create a new one. You cannot (and would not want to) skip this step.

Word of warning. Most of the new smartphones will not accept the older (large) sim cards.